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Longmont, CO, Push Pier Stabilization Project

Foundation settlement can happen to all kinds of structures. Learn more about how we helped permanently stabilize a home's garage.



A Longmont, CO, home had cracks on the north side of the garage wall as well as sinking on the opposite side. The cracks continued to get bigger and caused concern for the homeowner.

exterior wall cracks
wall cracks closeup

The homeowner contacted Complete Basement Systems to learn more about what was going on and how these problems could be fixed. The inspector recommended the installation of push piers to permanently stabilize and help lift the structure back to its original level position.


installing push piers

First, we will expose the footing and prepare it for the bracket. Mechanically we will drive into the soil, rugged round shaft steel push piers. These steel push piers will be installed to appropriate depths and capacities reaching bedrock, preventing future settlement.

Heavy-duty steel foundation brackets are then connected to the push piers and attached to the footer of your foundation. The weight of the structure is then carefully transferred from the original unstable soils, through the piers, to the competent bedrock, ensuring permanent stabilization and an opportunity to lift your structure back to level.

Also for projects like this, we will need to acquire appropriate permits and engineering as per local building code. We will also need the involvement of a structural engineer for a repair plan and permitting. This will involve a site visit, report (repair plan), and possibly a final site visit.

Project Summary

Installation Contractor: Complete Basement Systems
Engineer: DL Engineering Inc.
Installed Products: Push Piers

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