Piering Project for Severe Foundation Settlement In Denver, CO

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This home in Denver, CO had experienced large amount of uneven settlement, that had been getting progressively worse throughout the past few years. After noticing severe cracking through the interior and exterior of the home as well as the chimney ripping away from the home, the homeowner became increasingly concerned with the structural integrity of his home. Cracks were observed throughout each of the bedrooms close to the ceiling and window wells, in addition to walls in certain portions of the house starting to tear away from the rest of the home. Multiple exterior cracks were observed, both vertical and horizontal. 


Remembering a piece of mail he received from us about our foundation repair services, he gave our appointment center a call to set up an inspection and free estimate for his failing foundation. After his appointment and estimate from our design specialist Matt, an engineer from DL engineering was sent out to the job site to do a thorough inspection and provide a custom solution to his problems. After documenting the noticeable signs of foundation settling throughout the home, the engineer determined that the best option to restore the foundation was to install 13 total helical piers around the perimeter of the home, with a concentrated amount of helical piers around the northeast corner of the home. 

Our foreman Agustin and his crew were sent out to complete the job, first excavating the sites where the piers were to be installed. One the excavation was complete, thirteen helical piers were installed at the excavation sites to permanently stabilize the foundation and prevent any more structural damage. Not only does the helical piering permanently stabilize but can reverse previous damage and lift the foundation to its original place!  

After the project was completed, the homeowners peace of mind was restored, and he even made an extra effort to call us and give glowing reviews to Agustin and his team! 

Project Summary

Engineer: Daniel Lemier

Engineer: Kelly Hoiness

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