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What to Expect When You’re Expecting…Us

Your safety and peace of mind is our ultimate priority. When you receive your free estimate, your specialist will happily explain all the details to you.

Schedule Free Inspection

You’ve made the call and your appointment is scheduled – now what? We understand that growing concerns about your home’s problems can be scary and intimidating but we want you to remain calm as you wait for our expert design specialists to arrive.

The Initial Appointment

Once your appointment is set, expect to receive educational materials in the mail within a week. These materials are directly related to the issue(s) we are inspecting and are a great resource for answering any questions you might have. You’ll also receive an email confirmation that includes a short bio about your design specialist. We feel that this is a great way to kind of “meet” your specialist before they arrive.

Knock-Knock. Who’s There? It’s Us.

On the day of your scheduled appointment, you’ll receive a call from your design specialist when they’re about 15-20 minutes away. If they’re running behind, you will know. If they’re running early, you will know. There’s no guessing game with our specialists. We want you to be as informed as possible throughout the entire process – even if that means calling you multiple times to keep you in the loop.

When your design specialist arrives, he will (most likely) knock on the door and wait for your answer. He’ll then kindly introduce himself and begin his inspection process.

Inspection and Estimate

As you guide your design specialist through your home to highlight your concerns, know that they are thoroughly inspecting all the little details. Are you worried about your foundation failing? Your design specialist will diligently inspect the foundation, your windows and doors, the interior of the home for wall cracks, the exterior of your home for proper water drainage, and so on. Did you call about encapsulating your crawl space? Your specialist will do the dirty work while simultaneously pointing out other areas of concern. Our design specialists are the best in the business because they care about your home, but more importantly, they care about you.

Your safety and peace of mind is our ultimate priority. When you receive your finalized, free, no-obligation estimate, your specialist will happily explain all the details to you. Your estimate is specially tailored to your home’s needs. And the best part is, there won’t be any future surprises. What you see on your estimate is exactly what you’ll get!

Moving Forward

When you’ve made the decision to restore your peace of mind and invest in your home, we’ll schedule your production appointment and help you move toward your goals! You can expect the same level of service and diligence from our foreman and crews as you would from our design specialists. We take pride in our teams and work hard every day to redefine our industry! 

Are you still on the fence about scheduling an appointment? The design specialists at Complete Basement Systems will inspect your home for FREE and provide a FREE ESTIMATE for the permanent solution your home is asking for. Call today to schedule your free consultation!

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