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Protect Your Colorado From Weather Related Damages

Basement waterproofing, crawl space insulation, and foundation repair are all ways to protect your home from damage due to natural weather events beyond your control.

Unpredictable weather—that’s definitely something Denver and Colorado Springs are known for. One thing we can usually count on is the inability to count on the weather! If you are a Colorado homeowner, you know that natural weather events can affect your home in different ways. Adding seasonal home maintenance to your to-do list throughout the year can help save you more time and money on much-needed home repairs caused by seasonal weather events.

Before a big snowstorm or the next spring rainstorm, take a look at our checklist for protecting your home against weather damage. From your foundation to your basement, protecting your home from wet, dry, and stormy weather is an important part of being a homeowner in Colorado.

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Humidity in the Summer Can Damage Your Basement or Crawl Space

Let’s start with those warm summer months. Unfortunately, soaring temperatures can also bring an increase in humidity. While Colorado isn’t as humid as other parts of the country, humid conditions are not entirely unheard of, especially inside the home. A home’s basement or crawl space is especially affected by humidity in the summer. From causing an increase in pest activity to welcoming mold and mildew growth in the basement or crawl space, humidity can cause major problems for homeowners.

How does moisture get into your home and especially your basement or crawl space? One way is right through the walls and the floor. With a home’s foundation made from poured concrete, the opportunity for water to seep directly through the walls and floors increases in the summer months. When soil conditions are damp around the home, water can seep inside the basement or crawl space. For homes with a cracked or damaged foundation, the problem is much worse.

Finally, leaky windows and window wells can also invite moisture into your basement. If you find standing water around basement windows, adding insulation and pebbles around the outside of the window wells can help reduce the impacts.

Additional basement or crawl space waterproofing solutions include adding a dehumidifier to improve airflow. If you suspect a cracked or damaged foundation is causing water seepage, get a professional foundation inspection and fix the problem as soon as possible, before it gets worse.

Foundation Damage from Dry Conditions

It may seem counterintuitive, but a home’s foundation can be damaged even more from dry soil conditions than wet ones. We’ve shared before the importance of installing good exterior drainage to protect your home from rainstorms and flooding. The opposite holds true as well.

When a home’s foundation is impacted by dry soil conditions, from drought or extended length of dry weather, the soil levels can shrink under and around the home. This shrinkage causes a buildup of gas and pressure impacting the foundation. To lower the chance of foundation damage from drought conditions, water your yard regularly, but don’t overwater.

Protect Your Basement or Crawl Space from Water Damage

For every season, waterproofing your basement before a weather event occurs can help save you major home repair costs. From winter snow to spring showers, flooding in the basement can also cause pest infestations and mold and mildew damage.

To protect your home from water damage affecting the basement or crawl space, install an interior drainage system as well as a sump pump with a backup battery. Improving insulation in the basement or crawl space also helps protect against water damage.

Lower Heating Bills with Basement or Crawl Space Insulation

Finally, winter weather can bring its own list of potentially damaging weather events. For Colorado homeowners, freezing temperatures and extensive snowfall impact our homes each year. To protect your home against frozen and burst pipes (and the resulting water damage), add foam insulation to pipes throughout the home. Adding basement or crawl space insulation can both help lower your heating bills and protect against frozen pipes too. Get professional help with basement waterproofing or crawl space insulation before a natural weather event affects your home this year. For a free inspection and repair estimate, contact Complete Basement Systems today.

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