If dirt crawl spaces are so bad, why was my home built that way?

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For many homeowners the crawl space is that nasty, dirty, scary space under the home that no one wants to go in to, but the crawl space IS part of the home. Why don’t we treat it that way? Simply put, the crawl space is a basement with a lower ceiling and the same rules should apply. We cringe when we see homes with exposed dirt crawls. Many homeowners then ask, “If dirt crawl spaces are so bad, why was my home built that way?” Builders want to save money! It costs a lot less to leave the dirt than to add a concrete floor or proper encapsulation system.

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Another mistreatment of crawl spaces is the addition of vents. Just as you would not want to leave windows open in a basement, especially during the winter, you should not want to vent a crawl space. All that cold air is let in and transfers into the living areas of the rest of your home.

Proper encapsulation systems will isolate the dirt, moisture, and radon from penetrating the crawl space and then ultimately the rest of the home above. Sealing vents will keep conditioned air in the crawl space saving money on energy expenses. The clean and neat space can then be used as storage freeing up usable space in the rest of the home. The crawl space no longer has to scare you it can finally be a great useful part of your home!

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