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Pre-finishing Wall Insulation Panels
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Rod Martin's Complete Basement Systems named 2018 Top Workplace by Denver Post
Rod Martin's Complete Basement Systems has been awarded a 2018 Top Workplaces honor by The Denver Post. The list is based solely on employee feedback gathered through a third-party survey... [Read more]
Rod Martin's Complete Basement Systems wins the 2016 BBB Torch Award!
The company was the recipient of the 2016 BBB Torch Award in the Large Business Category on October 20, 2016. The event was held at the Infinity Park Events Center,... [Read more]
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Local Crawl Space & Basement Waterproofing Company

For about 20 years, Complete Basement Systems has served the Greater Denver area by providing basement, crawl space, concrete leveling, and foundation services to your home improvement needs. We are a trusted company with technicians that are highly trained, ensuring all your work has expert quality.
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  • Lifetime Warranty on all BasementGutter & Perimeter Waterproofing Systems
  • 25-year Warranty on Crawl Space Encapsulation Systems
  • Sump Pump Installation, Repair & Replacement
  • Basement & Crawl Space Insulation
  • Basement Egress Windows
  • Crawl Space & Basement Dehumidifiers
  • Hundreds of Satisfied Customers
  • Drain Tile Systems

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Basement Waterproofing & Crawl Space Encapsulation in Thornton

Our skilled specialists are here to ensure your wet basement won't negatively impact your family. A home assessment from one of our skilled technicians will determine your home's basement and crawlspace issues and how they could to repair them.

A wet basement or crawlspace can eventually lead to:
  • Mold
  • Rot
  • Moldy smells
  • Structural issues
  • Health issues

A hidden internal perimeter drainage system can be the product that ends your wet basement issues. Or try a crawlspace encapsulation, using a CrawlSeal® vapor barrier which can block future mold, rot or structural damage.

Check out some of our other best-selling basement products:
  • French drains
  • Energy efficient dehumidifiers
  • Gutter downspouts
  • And more!

Foundation Repair and Foundation Crack Specialists

When your foundation is constructionally damaged, it can affect the overall composition of your home. Trust the foundation repair and crack specialists to make sure your house is safe and structurally sound. Complete Basement Systems is here to offer our skilled craftsmanship and superior product line to your home improvement needs. Our products are designed to not only save you money on your repair but last you a lifetime.

Our highly-trained specialists realize no two homes are alike, which means their skills vary just as much. They are the best geotechnical and structural engineers this industry has to offer and you can be confident that they provide solutions as unique as your home. Our 25-year warranty against issues with our products also ensures our work is guaranteed for a lifetime.

PolyRenewal™ Concrete Leveling and Lifting in Thornton, CO

A shifting, weak soil base can cause your concrete slap to be sunken in. When your home's surfaces are uneven, you are limiting your home's full potential and exposing your loved ones to a dangerous falling hazard.

The standard leveling system from other companies is a slabjacking or mudjacking, which involves a contractor smashing your concrete slap, causing a loud distraction to you and your neighbors and a mess on your lawn. So choose the best system that will level your home without all the stress and the mess.

PolyRenewal™ solution from Complete Basement Systems is clean, reliable and stress-free. Our highly-skilled specialists will drill small holes in the slab, inject a polymer solid that will fill the space underneath it, and ultimately raise and level your slab. Our system is guaranteed to last for your Thornton, CO home!

Also, Complete Basement Systems now offers PolyRenewal™ Crack Sealant. Whether being applied to repaired or brand new concrete, PolyRenewal™ Crack Sealant will triple its lifespan and protect it from damage and stains for years to come
We Fix
  • Cracked Driveways
  • Uneven Patios
  • Sinking Sidewalks
  • Uneven Concrete
  • Sunken Pool Decks
  • Highway & Commercial Issues
  See why basement waterproofing and crawlspace issues are made easy with Complete Basement Systems and get a free, no-obligation quote today!

Case Studies From Thornton, CO
Thornton, CO PolyRenewal Project
Thornton, CO homeowner was having trouble with the curb appeal and safety of his front entrance sidewalk. In order for him to feel comfortable with having family and friends over...
Before and After Pictures from Thornton, CO
Crawl Space Waterproofing and Insulation in Thornton, CO
Crawl Space Waterproofing and Insulation in Thornton, CO

Crawl Space Waterproofing and Insulation in Thornton, CO

Crawl Space Waterproofing and Insulation in Thornton, CO Crawl Space Waterproofing and Insulation in Thornton, CO

This poor customer had a pipe burst outside of their home causing soil to wash out into the sub floor. Bryan and his team went out and saved the day!

Crawl Space Clean Up in Thornton, CO
Crawl Space Clean Up in Thornton, CO

Crawl Space Clean Up in Thornton, CO

Crawl Space Clean Up in Thornton, CO Crawl Space Clean Up in Thornton, CO

Thornton, CO homeowners were ready to get their crawlspace waterproofed and to prevent any further water damage to their space. Before, there crawlspace was unlined and not insulated. With Colorado's tendency to have heavy rainfall the crawlspace experienced unwanted moisture. The installation foreman used our top waterproofing products to help protect this home. After the crawlspace was finished it was fully lined and vapor blocked. The homeowners are now able to rest easy through every storm!

Driveway Lifting in Thornton, CO
Driveway Lifting in Thornton, CO

Driveway Lifting in Thornton, CO

Driveway Lifting in Thornton, CO Driveway Lifting in Thornton, CO

The driveway of this Thornton, CO home was an everyday eyesore for the homeowners. They were growing anxious as the cracks became bigger and the slabs separated more and more. Knowing we are the best in the business because of our outstanding service and advanced technology, the homeowners called Rod Martin's Complete Basement Systems. In a few hours, Jacob and his PolyRenewal crew were able to lift the sinking driveway slabs, seal the cracks and restore the overall appeal of the home. The homeowners were confident in the work performed and happy to know their driveway was beautiful once again!

Job Stories From Thornton, CO
Concrete slab fix in Thornton, CO

Jesse of Thornton, CO needed to get the concrete on his walk way  leveled. He knew when dealing with concrete it was not a job he could complete himself properly. He called Rod Martin’s Complete Basement System’s to fix his exterior entrance.

Our talented foreman Jacob Bass and team went out on the job in Thornton. They injected PolyRenewal on the concrete slabs on the front walk way.  The outside space is now lifted and usable.

Now Jesse’s walk way is safe to use thanks to PolyRenewal and Rod Martin’s Complete Basement Systems.

Concrete slab fix in Thornton, CO - Photo 1Concrete slab fix in Thornton, CO - Photo 2

Fixing a Leaky Basement in Thornton, CO

Patricia M., a longtime resident of Thornton, Colorado, noticed that her carpeted floors in her basement were damp after a particularly strong rain. However, she didn't really think much of it, because it had never happened before, and it might have been caused just by the sheer amount of rain. Six months later, she noticed her floors were damp again, especially around the edges of her basement floor. She also began to see water dripping in from her window wells. Knowing that this problem would certainly only get worse, Patricia decided to call Rod Martin's Complete Basement Systems for a free estimate.

When one of our Design Specialists made it out to Patricia's Thornton home, it was determined that, in order to mitigate the water intrusion, Patricia would need our BasementGutter drainage system, attached to a SafeDri Triple Sump Pump system. Patricia's old sump pit, which was little more than just a bucket dug into the unfinished part of her basement, was replaced with the SafeDri Triple. Also, to handle the latent humidity in her basement, we installed a self-draining dehumidifier in Patricia's basement, and attached the device right to the SafeDri Triple.

Now, Patricia's basement is clean, and, most importantly, dry, all thanks to Rod Martin's Complete Basement Systems!

Radon In Thornton

With the heightened awareness about radon in the past few years, Kenneth decided that is was time to get his house in Thornton, Colorado checked for radon.  Searching for a solution he came to Rod Martins Complete Basement Systems to get his house tested, and if there was a problem, what could be done to solve the problem.

Foreman David Elliot, along with his skilled team, were ready to tackle the project laid out for them.  The team came in and installed a Radon System to remove the gas from the home. Now that the radon is safely being removed from his basement, Kenneth can sleep calmly each and every night.

Radon In Thornton - Photo 1Radon In Thornton - Photo 2Radon In Thornton - Photo 3Radon In Thornton - Photo 4Radon In Thornton - Photo 5

Thornton Concrete Leveling

A Thornton, CO homeowner was having concerns about cracked concrete in his home. Cracks in his walls and in between the wall and the floor (wood and tile) were starting to get to large and the homeowner wanted to find the right company to make his basement beautiful again. After seeing a commercial for Rod Martin's Complete Basement Systems he decided to get a free estimate and set up a scheduled project!

Our talented foreman and installation team decided the course of action to take and started the project in Thornton. To begin the project they removed some of the existing flooring in order to get enough space to inject the poly product. They raised the floor by injecting the poly product underneath the concrete which lifted it up and leveled it with the wall and the remainder of the concrete floor slabs. They did this process both by the walls and by the entrance tile floor.

After completing the project, the Thornton homeowner has been able to achieve peace of mind!

Thornton Concrete Leveling - Photo 1Thornton Concrete Leveling - Photo 2Thornton Concrete Leveling - Photo 3

Thornton Crawl Space

Rachel of Thornton, CO was having crawl space concerns. She was aware that she needed to seal her crawl space for future water damage and insulate it as well for lasting protection. She wanted her crawl space to stay dry and insulated as well as be able to drain water out. She had heard of Rod Martin’s Complete Basement Systems through neighbors and decide it was the most trusted company in the area.

Our expert installation team set out on the job and had the best solutions for Rachel’s crawl space needs. The team first put down good soil in the crawl space. After putting down the soil they sealed the crawl space which not only looks great but will also fully protect the space from water damage. The walls of the space were lined and insulated and sealed off. For even more drainage protection the team installed drainage matting and a vapor protection product.

After the team left the home, Rachel has been able to feel a peace of mind knowing her crawl space is in amazing condition!


Thornton Crawl Space - Photo 1Thornton Crawl Space - Photo 2Thornton Crawl Space - Photo 3Thornton Crawl Space - Photo 4

Thornton Exterior Concrete Repair

Bill & Jane of Thornton, CO were looking to get most of their exterior concrete leveled and sealed. With cracking in driveway, entrance, and garage, there was major repairs to be done. With such a big job the homeowners wanted to hire a company that they could not only trust but that had great reviews. After hearing about Rod Martin's Complete Basement Systems, the homeowners knew we were the team for the job. 

Our talented foreman, Jacob Bass and our installation team took on the big job and were ready to help these homeowners. The installation team injected a foam leveling product underneath the concrete slabs of the driveway and front entrance. Once the concrete slabs were level the team was next about the fill in the cracks. Not only did they fill in the cracks of the driveway and the front entrance but also in the garage. Once all areas of the exterior were sealed and leveled, the homeowners were finally able to get landscaping on their front yard!

Rod Martin's Complete Basement Systems loves to help homeowners achieve a high quality of life at home!

Thornton, CO PolyRenewal

Thornton, CO homeowners were looking to get their front entrance sidewalk leveled. To improve the curb appeal of their home they wanted to make sure that the concrete was in its best condition for guests and family to come over. To make sure that their concrete looked the way they wanted it to, they searched for a trusting contractor. After researching Rod Martin's Complete Basement Systems, the homeowners felt they made the best decision.

Our expert foreman Jacob and his installation crew knew exactly what to do. In order to properly level the sidewalk so that the whole entrance was even, the team pumped PolyRenewal 250h underneath the concrete slabs. Once the slabs were raised and at the proper height, the team used PolyRenewal Joint Sealant to bring the cracks back together. The homeowner could not believe their eyes after the project was complete!

Rod Martin's Complete Basement Systems loves helping customers achieve concrete peace of mind.

Thornton PolyRenewal Project

Todd of Thornton, CO wanted to have his front concrete sidewalk leveled. Not only did he want the look of the entrance to be restored but he was also concerned about his family tripping on their way to the front door. In order to make sure that his friends and family are safe when using his sidewalk, he contacted Rod Martin's Complete Basment Systems to get the job done right!

Our expert installation foreman Jacob and his team talked with our design specialists and headed out on the job. In order to restore the homes concrete sidewalk, the team used our foam leveling product to make the slabs even. The team injects the foam product underneath the concrete slabs which raised them up and made the slabs even with the rest of the entrance. Now the family does not have to worry about tripping on their way to the front door.

After Rod Martin's Complete Basement Systems finished the job, Todd has been able to achieve peace of mind!

Thornton PolyRenewal

Greg & Jill of Thornton, CO were in the market to get their concrete driveway and front steps leveled. In order to achieve the smooth finished look their exterior concrete once had, the homeowners wanted to hire a company that would help them achieve peace of mind and a great appealing exterior. After hearing from many neighbors about the amazing work Rod Martin's Complete Basement Systems had done in their neighborhood, they knew they made the right decision to schedule their project with us.

Our talented installation team headed out on the job to provide these homeowners with a great looking exterior. The installation team first injected a foam leveling product underneath the concrete slabs of both the driveway and front steps. Once both parts of the front yard were leveled, the installation team repaired the cracks by using a sealant agent. The sealant acts like a glue and binds the cracks back together giving them a clean and finished look. When all the repairs were finished, the homeowners were ready to get back to spending time in their front yard.

Thornton PolyRenewal - Photo 1Thornton PolyRenewal - Photo 2

Work Requests From Thornton, CO
Vicinity of ADAMS CT in Thornton in Thornton, CO
We have a small area that is wet in our basement. We think it might be do to a crack or cracks in the floor. The basement is fully finished so we haven't pulled up any carpeting yet. Thanks
Vicinity of Adams St in Thornton in Thornton, CO
Hi there, I'd like to have a professional opinion on the cracking in my basement, along with the soft and crumbling concrete in certain areas. Please contact me to set up a consultation. Thanks!
Vicinity of Anderson St in Thornton in Thornton, CO
I have an extension on the rear of my home with a huge crack in the concrete and I think it is affecting my home as well.
Vicinity of Ash Street in Thornton in Thornton, CO
I have a front porch which is covered and connected to the main house. The Slab it sits on seems to be falling away from the house and sinking. I am concerned since it is connected to the house that it may damage the house, therefore I'd like to see if you have any options to fix this. Thank you for your time.
Vicinity of Aspen Dr in Thornton in Thornton, CO
Need foam slab jacking for garage floor and possibly walkway.
Vicinity of Barnhart St in Thornton in Thornton, CO
Long crack along foundation wall in basement. Water is getting in through cracks.
Vicinity of Bellaire Drive in Thornton in Thornton, CO
Cement step from house to double garage is uneven, crack in floor of garage.
Vicinity of Birch Way in Thornton in Thornton, CO
We are experiencing a strong odor in our basement and it seems to be getting worse.
Vicinity of Blue Heron in Thornton in Thornton, CO
Water leaking into egress window well
Vicinity of Briarwood Dr in Thornton in Thornton, CO
On basement wall I need sealing the crack on its inside face with an Epoxy paste and injecting a resin (Epoxy or Urethane) which fills the entire crack all the way to the outside soil. Prefer urethane if possible.
Vicinity of Cherry Cir in Thornton in Thornton, CO
Hello; I received a quote July of last year, but was unable to go forward with the work at that time. Can my existing quote be updated or will someone have to come out to go over the project again? Thank you!
Vicinity of Cherry Pl in Thornton in Thornton, CO
I am the listing agent for the owners. The house is going on the market and my concern is the severe heave in the basement floor. The owners understand they will most likely have to pay for repairs/corrections. We are looking for an estimate/report on what is needed before the house goes under contract and a home inspection is done.
Vicinity of Clarkson St in Thornton in Thornton, CO
Need porch done
Vicinity of Clayton Circle in Thornton in Thornton, CO
Tri Level home, lower level flooded crawl space flooded. Need a free estimate, dont want 4 inches of standing water ever again!
Vicinity of Cook St. in Thornton in Thornton, CO
Front Sidewalk, Driveway uneven...
Vicinity of Cypress Dr in Thornton in Thornton, CO
Water is coming thru the basement walls
Vicinity of Dahlia Way in Thornton in Thornton, CO
Looking to repair some concrete on the walkway in front. Looking for an estimate...concrete is separating in two places.
Vicinity of Devonshire Court in Thornton in Thornton, CO
Living in a townhome with a crawl space and would like to make use of this space for storage; without worrying about dirt, moisture, bugs and critters getting into everything.
Vicinity of Dexter St in Thornton in Thornton, CO
Garage floor needs help!
Vicinity of Downing Dr in Thornton in Thornton, CO
Noticed wet carpet along an exterior wall near a window well today.
Vicinity of Downing St. in Thornton in Thornton, CO
Just moved into the house. The home inspection revealed a damaged vapor barrier in our crawl space, and water in the sump pump. Would like to have a quote on repairing vapor barrier and if the sump pump needs repair or replacement as well.
Vicinity of Ellen Ct in Thornton in Thornton, CO
Foundation settling, concrete slab foundation, have a structural engineer performing inspection. Need an quote/estimate for repairs.
Vicinity of Elm Dr in Thornton in Thornton, CO
Foundation crack in basement wall coming from lower corner of window, it extends across the wall in the basement.
Vicinity of Elm St. in Thornton in Thornton, CO
My basement sub floor exhaust fan motor bearings are failing. this fan is located in a basement closet and I want a new fan installed outside to eliminate motor noise.
Vicinity of Elm Way in Thornton in Thornton, CO
My crawl space is damp
Vicinity of Gail Ct in Thornton in Thornton, CO
Need foundation repairs; cracks in walls inside and out as well as in concrete foundation
Vicinity of Garfield Cir. in Thornton in Thornton, CO
Vicinity of Garfield Court in Thornton in Thornton, CO
We are looking to have someone take a look at our now unfinished basement, to install a pit and sump pump. Had water leak into the basement from one bedroom wall.
Vicinity of Garfield Way in Thornton in Thornton, CO
There is a crack in the concrete flooring in the basement and water is seeping through the crack
Vicinity of Gaylord St in Thornton in Thornton, CO
Cracks in walls, floors pop when walked on
Vicinity of Gaylord St. in Thornton in Thornton, CO
Walkway leading to the front door is sinking and has caused a tripping hazard.
Vicinity of Gaylord Street in Thornton in Thornton, CO
We had our basement flood due to these crazy rains. We have that under control for now, but we need our crawlspace waterproofed for the future.
Vicinity of Glencoe St in Thornton in Thornton, CO
We have a crawl space that we feel may need some better insulation to stop critters, and heat escaping. Above the crawl space we have out living area and have removed the carpet and installed laminate hard wood flooring. We have noticed that the floor stays cold. We are looking to see what our options are. We are considering spray insulation into the ceiling of the crawl space which is the living areas floor to help with loss of heat.
Vicinity of Glencoe Street in Thornton in Thornton, CO
Purchase a home in August and found that there is a crack in the foundation that was not discovered on our home inspection. The homeowners had it covered up. Also, we need to install a sump pump because there is water in the sump pit.
Vicinity of Harrison Dr. in Thornton in Thornton, CO
I need a quote to install vapor barrier in my crawlspace.
Vicinity of Hickory Place in Thornton in Thornton, CO
Have cracks throughout my house believe its a foundation problem would like a quote to repair issue
Vicinity of Hoffman Way in Thornton in Thornton, CO
Our home has sunk considerably on the entire front and rear. I have not measured it, but guess it to be 2-3" drop in 12' of run. There is also a patio in the rear, which is part of the length of the house. This will also need lifting.
Vicinity of Jasmine St in Thornton in Thornton, CO
Vicinity of Lane St in Thornton in Thornton, CO
Sidewalk slab sunk at entry way, needs lifted.
Vicinity of Leyden St in Thornton in Thornton, CO
We are buying a home and it currently has carpet in the basement. We are interested in a quote for a thermal dry subfloor over which we would install an engineered wood floor. The approximate square footage is 1,100 square feet. Thank you!
Vicinity of Lillian Ln. in Thornton in Thornton, CO
Crawl space is very damp and uneven. I just spent a lot to have a new furnace and AC put in and I don't want them to be destroyed by the moisture, or have any mold growing.
Vicinity of Madison Street in Thornton in Thornton, CO
Just finished the basement and I would like to look into a back-up sump pump.
Vicinity of Phoenix Ct in Thornton in Thornton, CO
I need a garage lifted in a few spots .I don't expect it to be perfect,just want to stabilize it .
Vicinity of Rosemary St in Thornton in Thornton, CO
Im the Realtor for the owners who are looking to list their home next week. Was wondering how quickly you could get someone out to give a quote and potentially get the job done. All that needs to be done is to level out a step and the front of the home.
Vicinity of Ruth Dr in Thornton in Thornton, CO
Gaps and cracks Along the brick and perimeter.
Vicinity of Ruth Drive in Thornton in Thornton, CO
We have a request to insulate the crawl space. Apparently, it's not fully insulated, only some of the walls are insulated. Trying to figure out of it's required, if it's needed, etc.
Vicinity of Saint Paul St. in Thornton in Thornton, CO
Hi! The carpet in one of our rooms in the basement was damp even in the area that's not close to the window. This is after the snow is melted. We're not sure if this is caused by a leaking from the outside or the inside of our basement. Is diagnostic part of your service? Thanks!
Vicinity of Signal Creek Pl in Thornton in Thornton, CO
We want to put our house on the market. Our back patio needs leveling. I would like to see if we would be a candidate for your poly leveling. It is a significant drop.
Vicinity of Spruce Street in Thornton in Thornton, CO
I purchased a new DR Horton home, built 2017. Closed 2/2017. After a several months, the dirt around the home is sinking. Sinking and cause my back cement patio to sink and crack as well. Need someone to come out and give me an estimate and reason behind sinkage. ???Was it poor packing of the dirt after the basement was dug out? Don't want future problems.
Vicinity of STEELE CT in Thornton in Thornton, CO
I have a crawlspace with failing insulation, and some moisture. There is a musty smell, and I am concerned the floor joists will be affected by the moisture, and since my crawlspace is conditioned, the lack of proper insulation is affecting the heating/cooling systems. I would like to get an idea of what it would cost to resolve the issues, and find out what my options are. Thanks
Vicinity of Steele Street in Thornton in Thornton, CO
I am purchasing the house above, during inspection it had a radon level of 14. I was wondering what it will cost to bring the levels down to safe levels?
Vicinity of Thorncreek Cir in Thornton in Thornton, CO
Moisture on the bottom of plastic in crawl space. Musky odor in basement. basement finished at 1807 sq ft, crawl space approx 20x20
Vicinity of Wabash Place in Thornton in Thornton, CO
Need a quote on radon mitigation system installation
Vicinity of Yucca Way in Thornton in Thornton, CO
Our basement has flooded 3 times since Mother's Day weekend. Just want to see what we need to do to fix this
Serving the following Thornton, CO zip codes
Thornton Customer Testimonial
Jeri W.
Thornton, CO
After 2 years of procrastination and multiple bids I recently contracted with CBS to encapsulate our crawl space.  The crawlspace always emitted a musty smell.  I elected to install ExTremeBloc insulation, crawl space insulation and Drainage Matting along with the CrawlSeal vinyl to ensure that I obtained highest level of sealing and insulation. Scott Widick, our Design Specialist, was very professional and knowledgeable.  He answered all of my questions and was very patient in working with me as I'm very detailed.  The installation team of Rogelio and Jesus were "outstanding" especially Rogelio.  He handled everything in a very timely and professional manner, was polite, paid attention to the little things and was a pleasure to work with.  He's the type of employee that any company would love to have on their team.  I'm highly satisfied with my decision and the quality of the work. Congratulations to Rod Martin for developing an excellent team of people who enjoy their job and take pride in their work!
Thornton Customer Review
Westminster, CO 80031 on 01/31/19
From sales to install, Rod Martin’s team was honest, easy to work with and punctual. Jose and his install team were communicative, friendly and helpful. They did a great job sealing our crawlspace while dealing with very low clearance, finished before they expected and stayed to budget. Jose went the extra mile to assure my alarm was wired to an area where I would hear it, which I was not expecting but really impressed me.  
Thornton Customer Review
Thornton, CO 80241 on 05/18/15
Thornton Customer Review
Thornton, CO 80229 on 04/20/17
Thornton Customer Review
Broomfield, CO 80020 on 08/13/18
Thornton Customer Testimonial
Ron B.
Thornton, CO
Ron B. said he went with Complete Basement Systems for these reasons "Professional" "BBB and Cost"
Thornton Customer Testimonial
Lina Y.
Thornton, CO
Quick, reasonable prices and professional employees. Fast work and good follow up. 
Thornton Customer Testimonial
Matt B.
Northglenn, CO
Very satisfied with the quality of installation.
Thornton Customer Testimonial
John E.
Northglenn, CO
Very Satisfied.
Thornton Customer Testimonial
Elaine S.
Thornton, CO
Very wonderful communication. Plus they have a warranty.
Thornton Customer Testimonial
Jessica S.
Thornton, CO
Jon worked with us through every step of our repairs, patiently answering all my questions, even coming out and quoting us on additional projects. Dani was our crew foreman and he and the other gentleman put great care in lifting my front porch steps which had separated from the front porch and dropped at least 2". Jon came to my house during the work and explained what they were doing. We are very pleased with the results, with the company and the employees.
Thornton Customer Testimonial
Connie P.
Thornton, CO
We noticed an immediate difference once the job was complete - for the better. The basement has never been warmer and my son doesn't sneeze all day. A trip to the tropics would have been nice but this improves our quality of life. Thanks.
Thornton Customer Testimonial
Sam T.
Thornton, CO
Jacob and crew were awesome. Explained everything in detail, went above and beyond to ensure job was done correctly. Altered the drain design on the fly to a more robust/correct solution and kept it in the same budget. Already recommended to two friends!!!
Thornton Customer Testimonial
Tony A.
Thornton, CO
"We are very glad we made the decision to purchase the unit. It has made a big difference in my respiratory problems."
Thornton Customer Review
Thornton, CO 80233 on 12/02/14
Thornton Customer Review
Thornton, CO 80229 on 04/21/14
We are very happy with the finished results, there is no more musty smell in the basement area. It is just very clean looking and we would recommend your company to our family and friends. Thank you very much.
Thornton Customer Review
Thornton, CO 80233 on 09/23/14
Thornton Customer Review
Thornton, CO 80229 on 05/18/14
Thornton Customer Review
Thornton, CO 80233 on 10/31/14
Jose and the crew were great. The four inch plus gap has been fixed. The only frustration came from the huge delay booking the appointment in July to the work being completed in the middle of October. It set back other projects.
Thornton Customer Review
Thornton, CO 80233 on 08/05/14
Although the PolyRenewal on our front porch worked out well in one area, it did not work at all on the area where the concrete was about 3′ thick – so if you have an area like that, don’t bother.
Thornton Customer Review
Northglenn, CO 80233 on 05/08/15
Danish was great. He arrived early, which I appreciated, was very knowledgeable, friendly, personable. He assessed the project and took his time completing it, which I appreciated. After cleaning up and securing his equipment, he took the time to make sure that I was satisfied with the completed project. A neighbor came over to ask a question and Danish responded with enthusiasm.
Thornton Customer Review
Northglenn, CO 80233 on 05/23/14
Thornton Customer Review
Thornton, CO 80233 on 02/02/15
Thornton Customer Review
Brighton, CO 80602 on 06/24/14
I appreciated the professionalism of your crew and the extra time spent to get the job done right.
Thornton Customer Review
Northglenn, CO 80233 on 08/03/17
Roge & his crew were excellent. Sara G. was wonderful!
Thornton Customer Review
Thornton, CO 80602 on 02/07/19
Thornton Customer Review
Thornton, CO 80241 on 04/11/14
happy with the results so far, but it has only been a couple of weeks.
Thornton Customer Review
Brighton, CO 80602 on 09/05/17
Thornton Customer Review
Westminster, CO 80031 on 02/05/19
Rafael did an outstanding job and answered all of my questions on my most recent annual service checkup. I’ve used complete basement systems for years and have always been 100% satisfied.
Thornton Customer Testimonial
Michael J.
Thornton, CO
Knowledgeable and willing to answer any questions. He was not high pressured and made a good impression.
Thornton Customer Testimonial
Kevin R.
Brighton, CO
Very pleased with the work!
Thornton Customer Testimonial
Jean-Yves S.
Thornton, CO
Luis and his crew did a great job at our house, installing a pier and lifting my front porch, then cleaned everything up!
Thornton Customer Testimonial
Mike W.
Lafayette, CO
Chose because of a personal reference. Very knowledgable, thorough and pleasant.
Thornton Customer Testimonial
Thornton, CO
The salesman was very knowledgable - very kind and informative. Friendly staff when I called with questions. I show my crawlspace to everyone it's so bright, so clean-love it.
Thornton Customer Testimonial
Dustin C.
Denver, CO
"Very professional and courteous.  He was able to answer all of my questions."  "The crew did an awesome job.  I would not have been able to do this work myself, nor did I want to"
Thornton Customer Review
Broomfield, CO 80023 on 04/21/14
Thornton Customer Review
Broomfield, CO 80023 on 10/24/12
Thornton Customer Review
Broomfield, CO 80023814 on 03/09/15
Thornton Customer Testimonial
Paul L.
Thornton, CO
Thornton Customer Testimonial
Linda B.
Thornton, CO
Friendly, curteous and helpful staff.
Thornton Customer Testimonial
Paul G.
Thornton, CO
Humberto and Jose are excellent professionals and go beyond their assigned duties. They fixed a leak in crawlspace pipes after identifying problem. They could have had us call a plumber! I am very impressed with these 2 gentleman.
Thornton Customer Testimonial
Debbie L.
Thornton, CO
EXTREMELY helpful. Very professional and curteous.
Thornton Customer Testimonial
Dennis L.
Thornton, CO
Very knowledgeable. I liked the look of the product. 
Thornton Customer Testimonial
George N.
Thornton, CO
Jason is great! Great company. Awesome service!
Thornton Customer Testimonial
Werner H.
Thornton, CO
Excellent. Very satisfied. Will definately recommend.
Thornton Customer Testimonial
Kathy M.
Thornton, CO
Just what we needed. Chose for the price and quality. I would recommed your company to anyone.
Thornton Customer Testimonial
Billy S.
Thornton, CO
Great work!
Thornton Customer Testimonial
Michael G.
Thornton, CO
Work was completely in a timely manner.
Thornton Customer Review
Broomfield, CO 80020 on 08/28/17
Thornton Customer Review
Broomfield, CO 80020 on 03/07/14
Thornton Customer Review
Westminster, CO 80020 on 08/03/17
I was very happy with the process. 
Thornton Customer Review
Broomfield, CO 80023 on 05/28/14
Vicinity of Cherry Pl
in Thornton
I am the listing agent for the owners. The house is going on the market and my concern is the severe heave in the basement floor. The owners understand they will most likely have to pay for repairs/corrections. We are looking for an estimate/report on what is needed before the house goes under contract and a home inspection is done.