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The effects of snow, rain, and even drought can significantly impact your home and its foundation. Complete Basement Systems can help!

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Keeping Colorado Springs Homes Dry with Basement and Crawl Space Waterproofing

Coming across leaks in your basement or crawl space is never a fun experience. However, it is important to address any leaks you see, no matter how small they might be. This is because they have the capacity to expand wider and flood these spaces. All this water pooling in the basement or crawl space alone can be a hassle for any Colorado Springs homeowner to deal with.

You will also need to fix other issues that can crop up as a result of this constant moisture damage as well. Colorado Springs has a mild climate with less rainfall than the national average, but it also has clay soil that likes to hold onto any water it absorbs, and it deals with a lot of snowmelt (Colorado Springs receives 57 inches of snow a year). In these cases, mold, mildew, efflorescence, humidity, and pest infestations will also infiltrate these spaces if they are not properly waterproofed. This is why you need to call the basement and crawl space experts at Complete Basement Systems to implement any waterproofing repairs or solutions your Colorado Springs home may need!

Our experts will be able to pinpoint the origin of this damage and install the best repairs for your basement or crawl space. Our interior drainage system can prevent any floods from pooling in your basement or crawl space. The sump pump at the heart of this system will then pump all that water to a far-off point away from your Colorado Springs home. We can also encapsulate your crawl space to ensure that no moisture can ever ruin this space again.

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Colorado Springs, CO Foundation Repair

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The foundation is perhaps the most important structure in your Colorado Springs home. Its sole purpose is to keep your home’s infrastructure upright from the soil around it and brace your home against any harsh weather outside. This can be difficult with the local clay loam soil, however, which is prone to retaining the water it absorbs and then expanding. This can lead to a great deal of pressure on your foundation, and should this crucial structure become damaged in any way, you might find the rest of your home starting to face similar damages as well.

All this can mean your home is on the brink of collapse. You definitely will want to call the foundation experts at Complete Basement Systems to install quick repairs before this damage becomes far too costly for you and your family. We can start off with a free foundation inspection, where our experts will assess the extent of any foundation damage and offer you free quotes on all the foundation repair solutions we have to offer your Colorado Springs home!

Concrete Lifting and Stabilizing in Colorado Springs, CO

There are plenty of concrete structures surrounding your Colorado Springs home. Your sidewalk, the walkway leading up to your home, the driveway, and even your backyard patio are just a few examples of this. Your concrete is not entirely invulnerable from damage. Indeed, you might come across some of the concrete slabs becoming uneven or cracking over time.

It also does not help that Colorado Springs faces heavy snows in the winter and rains throughout the spring and summertime, too. All that moisture can easily cause the supporting soil underneath to wash out and cause these slabs to settle or crack. Additionally, this concrete damage may also spread down to your foundation and affect the rest of your home if you are not careful. It is also possible that the reverse is true, and your cracked foundation has damaged the concrete around it as well.

If you are facing concrete damage, Complete Basement Systems’ experts can help! Our SettleStop PolyRenewal™ injection foam can easily lift and stabilize any uneven or cracked concrete slabs on your Colorado Springs property with ease!

About Waterproofing, Foundation Repair & Crawl Spaces in the Colorado Springs

The interior drainage system is one of Complete Basement Systems’ most thorough waterproofing repair solutions. It will collect any and all moisture that might seep through your Colorado Springs home’s basement or crawl space walls or up from the floor and then redirect its flow away from your home. As its name implies, the pipes that make up this system are installed within the interior of your basement or crawl space. The only part of this system you will be able to see in the basement is the wall flange installed along the wall and floor joints of your home.

This water first is directed to the sump pump, the heart of this entire system. The sump pump has a complex float system installed inside that will activate it once enough water has entered its system. The pump will then work to drain out thousands of gallons of water during heavy storms. We also can offer you an optional backup battery to attach to this pump, which can ensure that your pump will not run out of power even if your electricity should go out. The pump’s comprehensive alarm system also will sound off both when it activates and when it is running low on battery.

Unlike other drainage systems that are prone to clogging up with mud, ice, or other debris (and thus flooding your basement or crawl space all over again), our interior drainage systems are guaranteed never to clog up. Quick installation also means that you can enjoy a completely dry home in no time!

The crawl space encapsulation process is made up of four crucial parts: waterproofing with an interior drainage system and a sump pump, vapor barrier, vent covers, and a dehumidifier. Each solution will tackle different moisture issues that might infiltrate the crawl space. The interior drainage system and sump pump work together to prevent large floods from flowing into this place. All of the important systems installed within this space cannot stand to be wet, much less submerged under water, so this pump is especially important. Next, our experts will install a vapor barrier all around the interior of the crawl space. This barrier can help to block out additional moisture and mold or mildew spores that might try to infiltrate this space, and it makes it more difficult for pests to get inside.

If you have any open vents around the crawl space, then our experts will also seal them off with our vent covers. Builders once believed that creating open vents around the crawl space would help circulate dry air around to prevent moisture issues. Unfortunately, the opposite turned out to be true. Floods, mold, mildew, and pests can access your crawl space more easily, leading to even more costly repairs our experts will need to implement in the future. This is why it is best to seal it off completely. These vent covers are made of a sturdy plastic that will not blow off no matter what the weather.

Before we seal the crawl space for good, however, we will install a dehumidifier inside this space. Colorado Springs’ winters can be surprisingly humid, which can negatively impact your crawl space as much as, if not more than floods can. Indeed, if any humidity manages to get inside, our dehumidifier can easily filter that back out again. You can rest easy knowing the air inside your crawl space will stay fresh and dry.

Your foundation may be tough, but that does not mean that it will be immune to moisture damage over the years. Indeed, moisture damage is the most pervasive form of damage that your foundation will deal with. All this moisture can either soak into the soil surrounding your home or wash that soil out entirely and cause your foundation to shift or settle as a result. Foundation damage can then impact the rest of your home’s infrastructure, which can mean that you may need to pay for even more expensive repairs later on. It is always best to call the foundation experts at Complete Basement Systems before this happens.

One common form of moisture damage that affects the foundation is hydrostatic pressure. With all the excess snowfall affecting your home in the winter and rains falling in the warmer seasons, the soil around your home will take on more water than it can actually hold. This added water weight can then create immense pressure against your foundation and cause it to shift or crack. It does not help that Colorado Springs has mostly clay loam soil, which tends to absorb a lot of water and fails to drain out the excess quickly enough before more water soaks into the soil.

Eventually, however, this soil will begin to wash out over time. This washout is a direct result of a phenomenon known as the clay bowl effect. It occurs when builders dig a large hole into the soil to place down crucial components such as your home’s foundation and a basement or crawl space. The soil is made looser as a result, and is, thus, more susceptible to washing out during storms or when snow melts in the spring.

Doing research into the various repair options that any given company can offer your Colorado Springs home is always a good strategy. After all, you will want to know exactly how these repairs are protecting your home as well as the pros and cons of each system. The pier systems we at Complete Basement Systems can install underneath your foundation might seem very similar to one another. They perform the same repair function, but differ in their installation and are best suited to different situations.

These galvanized steel piers will extend down to the deeper layers of soil underneath your home. These layers are far more compact than the looser soil above, which means that the piers will transfer that strength over to your foundation. Each pier will be attached to the underside of your foundation with a heavy bracket, keeping it stabilized for years to come. These piers also can help close any cracks that have spread along the concrete foundation’s surface.

The only difference between helical piers and push piers is how they are installed under your home. Helical piers have spiral attachments along the bottom of the pier that then make them easier for our experts to hydraulically drill into the more compact layers of soil underneath your home. Push piers, on the other hand, are manually pushed into the soil instead. Whichever pier system experts deem the best fit for your home, you can rest assured that your home foundation will stay perfectly stabilized from the soil around it for the foreseeable future.

When most people think of Colorado Springs, they picture great weather year-round. It might sound impossible for this city to deal with drought when you get consistent rain and snow. Unfortunately, even an area that holds plenty of water can face droughts from time to time. Abnormally dry seasons can be devastating to a home that is so used to seeing rains and snow.

Drought can affect your clay soil in several different ways. The most obvious is the drying effect it can have on the soil. Clay tends to retain water for quite a long time. This is because it is quite compact and water moves much slower through it as a result. Without any water moving through it, however, it is very easy for this soil to dry up and shrink. This can create gaps all around the soil that will not provide even support for your foundation. This can then cause the foundation to shift, settle, or crack. This damage will likely affect other systems and structures around your home as well. Your concrete is one such structure. Indeed, foundation damage tends to spread out to affect the surrounding concrete slabs and vice versa.

When this shrunken soil does start to absorb moisture again, then it can swell and expand outward at an alarming rate. This can then cause your foundation to crack or even push up against your home. Overall, drought can prove to be detrimental to your home’s overall health. The foundation experts at Complete Basement Systems can implement tough, drought-resistant repairs!

Complete Basement Systems’ SettleStop PolyRenewal™ injection foam solution is perhaps one of the best concrete lifting solutions out there. Not only will it target any cracks or gaps in the concrete itself, but also it can bolster and stabilize the supporting soil underneath as well.

This foam might be light, but it should not be underestimated. Indeed, its light weight is more of a benefit to your concrete. Other, heavier concrete lifting repairs require totally uprooting the concrete or at the very least have messy or loud installation methods. The average weight of some of these other solutions is around 120 pounds per cubic foot. Over time, this can drag your concrete slabs back down again. Complete Basement Systems’ SettleStop PolyRenewal™ injection foam weighs a mere four pounds per cubic foot in comparison. You will never have to worry about this solution causing settling or cracking issues in the future!

You might wonder if it will affect your landscaping or your lawn in any way. Rest assured that SettleStop PolyRenewal™ is made of eco-friendly materials. It will not leach any harmful chemicals into your soil nor will it wash out during a storm. Its aim is to lift and support your concrete slabs as well as stabilize the soil against future moisture issues. You might also appreciate this foam’s quick cure time. Other concrete lifting solutions might take days or weeks to cure, which is not at all sustainable for busy families. SettleStop PolyRenewal™ injection foam cures in just 15 minutes!

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