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Fort Collins-Loveland Metro Area FOUNDATION & BASEMENT REPAIR

Heavy snows and light rains can leave plenty of moisture damage behind. Complete Basement Systems can protect your Fort Collins-Loveland home.

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Fort Collins-Loveland, CO Basement and Crawl Space Waterproofing Solutions

Moisture damage is among one of the most prevalent forms of damage a Fort Collins-Loveland area home’s basement or crawl space can face. The fact that it can infiltrate these spaces in a variety of different ways also does not help matters. Indeed, your basement or crawl space may have plenty of leaks pushing through the walls or up from the floor. It is not wise to ignore any leaks you might come across. They always have the potential of growing wider and flooding your basement or crawl space.

The Fort Collins-Loveland metro area itself has varying weather patterns that can contribute to these moisture issues. Fort Collins tends to see a lot of snow in the winter on average, with lighter rains in the spring. Loveland has lighter snows and rains, though that does not mean that you will not face moisture issues of your own. This is why you need to call the basement or crawl space experts at Complete Basement Systems.

Our experts can quickly assess the damage around your basement and install our interior drainage system all around the perimeter of these spaces. This ensures that no moisture will be able to flood your basement or crawl space ever again. Instead, this water is collected and redirected to a sump pump that drains it to a far-off point from your Fort Collins-Loveland area home.

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Fort Collins-Loveland Foundation Repair Solutions

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Your foundation is able to support your entire Fort Collins-Loveland area home’s infrastructure, all your belongings, and you and your family over itself with neither sinking into the soil nor tilting at the slightest breeze. You need to ensure that it does not become damaged, or other parts of your home will start to become damaged as well. Your floor might sag or bounce in places. Your doors and windows might suddenly become harder to open or close. You might even notice your walls starting to sway. All the repairs to fix all this damage can be costly. You need to call the foundation experts at Complete Basement Systems to prevent this from happening.

Our experts can offer your Fort Collins-Loveland area home a free foundation inspection. They will be able to pinpoint the true origin of your foundation damage and implement the best repairs for your foundation. If your foundation has settled due to storms or melted snows washing out the support soil, then we can offer your home our pier systems. These systems will stabilize and potentially lift your foundation back to its original height again. These piers also can close any cracks that have surfaced over time as well.

Fort Collins-Loveland Concrete Lifting Solutions

Complete Basement Systems’ SettleStop PolyRenewal™ injection foam is the perfect concrete lifting and stabilizing solution for your Fort Collins-Loveland area home. Your home is surrounded by plenty of different concrete structures, from your sidewalk to your driveway to your backyard patio. All of these structures will face soil washout and other moisture damage if you do not protect them in time. Your concrete slabs then might shift out of their original positions, settle into the remaining soil, or crack altogether.

This damage then might spread down to affect your foundation, which can result in even more costly repairs in the future. The concrete lifting experts at Complete Basement Systems can help protect your Fort Collins-Loveland area home’s concrete from all kinds of moisture damage. SettleStop PolyRenewal™ injection foam perfectly lifts and stabilizes your concrete with ease and will fill in any cracks in the concrete slabs themselves. It can also protect the support soil underneath by filling in any gaps too. This waterproof foam is made up of eco-friendly materials, so you will not have to worry about it leaching any toxins into your soil and affecting your landscaping or your lawn in any way. It will merely stabilize your concrete slabs and the soil for years to come.

About Waterproofing, Foundation Repair & Crawl Spaces in the Fort Collins-Loveland Metro Area

When water begins to pool in your basement, this can be a very obvious sign that you have a serious leaking problem. These leaks should not be ignored whatsoever. They always have the capacity to expand outward and eventually flood your basement. This is why placing a bucket underneath these leaks and hoping for the best is not at all a good solution. The average Fort Collins-Loveland area homeowner will want to stop these leaks but are unable to identify what causes them to form in the first place.

Leaks are caused by a wide variety of factors. The soil around your home is particularly vulnerable to moisture damage. Not only can it wash out during any large storms, but also it can absorb more moisture than it is realistically able to hold. That moisture then can press up against your basement walls and leak through over time. You might also start to notice your basement walls bowing in from the pressure, too. These leaks also can stem from broken plumbing, which will typically be accompanied by a foul smell that only seems to linger around the basement.

Leaks will also push through any cracks that appear in your basement as well. In fact, leaks can help to widen cracks and vice versa. The basement experts at Complete Basement Systems can install several repairs that will close these cracks and push back against any bowing damage. Our interior drainage system also can collect any water that might seep through your walls and redirect it to a sump pump. This self-activating pump then can push it to a storm drain or drainage trench away from your home. You can rest easy knowing that your basement will stay waterproofed no matter what.

Though your foundation is tough, it is not entirely invulnerable against moisture damage. It does not help that the most common soil type in the Fort Collins-Loveland area is a sandy loam, either. Sandy loam is one of the loosest soil types there are, making it far more susceptible to washing out during harsh storms. This is a direct result of a phenomenon called the clay bowl effect. The soil does not necessarily have to be made up of clay to take effect, either.

When contractors first go about building a new home, they will dig a large hole where they plan to place a foundation and a basement or crawl space. After these components are installed, there will be some space still left around it which the contractors then will backfill with the soil they dug up. This then creates a soil bowl around your foundation. Sandy loam soil is already pretty loose, so digging it up can make it much looser. As a result, it can wash out and end up causing your foundation to settle deeper into the remaining soil. This constant washing out can leave your foundation extremely vulnerable, and other parts of your home may start to show signs of wear or damage over time as well.

The soil around your home may also absorb way too much water at once. If that water does not instantly wash out your loose soil, then it can make the soil much, much heavier. This then can put immense pressure against the foundation, which may cause it to shift or crack altogether. This is commonly referred to as hydrostatic pressure. Trapped droplets also can freeze in the winter and crack the foundation apart from within as well.

It is often fairly simple to spot when your concrete has become uneven. Certain concrete slabs might sink further into the soil than others, which can create dangerous tripping hazards that are annoying at best and subtly destructive at worst. This is because concrete damage can easily spread down to the foundation if you are not careful. Even small cracks or shifts along the slabs can easily expand outward and affect your Fort Collins-Loveland area home in some way. It is also possible that your foundation has already been damaged by moisture or some other cause, and it is now spreading outward to affect the surrounding concrete structures around your home.

Either way, being able to catch these problem signs in time is key. Unfortunately, concrete damage is not so easy to prevent. Sometimes settling slabs can be so subtle that you might not even notice there is a problem until it is too late. Calling the concrete experts at Complete Basement Systems is therefore your best bet at repairing the damage in time. Our experts can offer your home free concrete inspection so that you can get a professional opinion on the matter as well as truly understand the causes behind your concrete damage.

While you set up an appointment with our experts, though, you can also see if your concrete is truly uneven or not. Typically, you will need to wait for a storm or for the snow to start to melt around your property. Over time, the moisture that pools on this concrete should slope off down to a nearby drain and leave the concrete dry in a few days. If your concrete is uneven, however, then these puddles will linger for days after the storm has passed.

For a place as cold as the Fort Collins-Loveland area, it can be surprisingly humid in the wintertime. Excess humidity can prove to be a huge issue in the crawl space considering how small and compact it is. Indeed, mold and mildew spores and certain pests tend to thrive more in humid climates than colder, drier areas. Your humid crawl space might therefore be rife with all these moisture issues without your knowledge.

For reference, a healthy humidity level should range between 30 to 50% at the most. Winters in the Fort Collins-Loveland area have around 53 to 61% humidity on average. Mold and mildew grow quickly at any percentages above 60%, though sometimes they are known to start growing at 55% humidity levels as well. Unfortunately, this is not the only problem excess humidity can create in your home.

If you notice that your home seems to feel a lot warmer than it usually is in the summer, then you might then turn up your air conditioner higher as a response. Additionally, your home might be much colder in the winter than it used to be, which means you will then crank up your heater. Both of these are a direct result of the stack effect. Warm air is lighter than cool air, so this humidity gathering in your crawl space then will rise up to the rest of your home in the summer and cause it to feel muggier indoors. In the winter, however, this warm air is then pushed out by the denser, frigid air that seeps into the crawl space, making it feel freezing in your home. Your energy bills will skyrocket as a result of this misuse.

Researching the various foundation repair solutions that Complete Basement Systems has to offer is always a smart move. However, it can be confusing when they all appear to perform the same functions. Our carbon fiber wall straps and the SettleStop IntelliBrace™ system are two very similar solutions that the average Fort Collins-Loveland area homeowner might not know the difference between. They both brace your foundation walls against bowing damage, after all.

Carbon fiber wall straps act more as a stabilizing agent more than anything else. You might not think much of these flimsy-looking straps at first glance. However, carbon fiber is regarded as one of the toughest man-made materials. With it being 10 times stronger than steel and used in the construction of race cars and aircrafts, it is nothing to scoff at. When applied to your foundation wall with an epoxy resin, you can bet that they will be even tougher braces. You can trust these straps to specifically stabilize the most vulnerable parts of your foundation wall, which will be quickly calculated by our foundation experts. Applying these straps will also require an immense amount of precision, so you should not take to installing them yourself.

The SettleStop IntelliBrace™ I-beam system, on the other hand, is far more proactive in pushing back against bowing damage. The galvanized steel beams are capable of pushing against damaged foundation walls with more than two inches-worth of bowing damage. These beams are attached to the wall with braces along the top and bottom of each beam. The top brace will need to be slowly tightened at precise increments over time to straighten out and eventually stabilize your foundation walls once more.

Concrete is not an invulnerable material. It is just as prone to moisture damage as anything else around your home. However, because the average Fort Collins-Loveland area homeowner might believe that there is no way their concrete can be damaged, then you might also tend to neglect maintaining it as well. Fortunately, Complete Basement Systems can easily lift any uneven slabs as well as close cracks and gaps with one solution: our SettleStop PolyRenewal™ foam. This foam is not to be underestimated, no matter how light it looks.

Other concrete lifting repairs require upheaving your concrete in loud or messy ways. They also often end up being so heavy that they drag the concrete slabs they are meant to lift and stabilize down again. Indeed, some solutions can weigh as much as 120 pounds per cubic foot. For comparison, SettleStop PolyRenewal™ injection foam only weighs a mere four pounds per cubic foot, which is certainly not going to bring your concrete down whatsoever. This foam will fill in the cracks left in the concrete slabs as well as any gaps in the soil below that have formed due to washout issues.

Of course, some homeowners then might worry that this foam will somehow affect their landscaping or their lawn. Rest assured that SettleStop PolyRenewal™ injection foam is made up of eco-friendly materials that will not leach any toxic chemicals into the soil whatsoever. Another great benefit of using this foam over other solutions is its quick cure time. Unlike other solutions that might take days or weeks to cure depending on the extent of the damage, SetttleStop PolyRenewal™ foam will cure in 15 minutes. You will be able to walk along your concrete sidewalk, driveway, or backyard patio the same day we install these repairs!

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