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Basement Moisture

Basements with excessive moisture are in danger of developing hazardous mold. Learn more about how mold grows, how it affects your health, and how you can prevent it from taking hold in your home.

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mold in your basement

When should you start investigating your house for mold? What signs of mold should you be alert to? What’s the right way to solve moisture and basement mold issues and prevent them from coming back?

Moisture and mold are directly linked to each other. If you have one, you probably have or are going to get the other. This can lead to unhealthy and unsafe conditions in your Denver, CO, home. Know the early indicators of health conditions related to mold spores. Understand the harsh consequences of procrastinating on tackling mold in your basement and other parts of your home. Get proactive, remediate any existing mold, and learn how to keep it from recurring.

Your Health & Early Symptoms Of Mold In Your Home

Your health is frequently the first sign of household mold. This is a serious health threat, and it can impact your wellness and your family much worse and faster than you might think.

Symptoms and effects of exposure to black mold include:

  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Internal bleeding of the lungs
  • Nose bleeds
  • Weakened immune system
  • Failing organs
  • Shortness of breath
  • Irritated eyes
  • Allergy symptoms (rashes, stuffiness, & sneezing)
  • Sore throats
  • Development of asthma and increased attacks

A recurring cough or headaches can also be symptoms of mold. Sometimes the health impacts can make an immediate impact. In other cases, it may be years before you realize the full and lasting damage it has caused.

This is not only serious for your own family’s health but a massive legal and financial liability if you rent out or sell this home before remediating the mold problem.

If you recognize any of these potential effects of mold, get your home inspected.

Moisture And Basement Mold In Your Colorado Home

damp basement also promotes mold growth

Household and basement mold requires three factors to develop and spread in your home:

  1. Oxygen
  2. Organic material to grow on, like wood
  3. Moisture

Basements and crawl spaces are common places for mold to begin to grow. They usually are the first places to look when you suspect mold, want to inspect a home, or are ready to get proactive about preventing it in the future.

Indicators Moisture & Mold May Be Invading Your Home

Even if you are not feeling the effects of mold yet or haven’t spotted it growing, these are signs it may be in your walls, under your feet, or will be soon.

  • Dampness
  • Water leaks
  • Wall and/or floor cracks
  • Warping floors
  • Sticking doors
  • Above normal moisture readings
  • Humidity
  • Rising utility bills
  • Musty smells
  • Insects and rodents

Household & Basement Mold Remediation

If you’ve seen cheap hacks online recommending household cleaners, bleach or vinegar, and baking soda to get rid of mold, think about it for a second.

If it was that easy, mold wouldn’t be such a problem. If you kept your house clean, then you shouldn’t have mold, right?

You may be able to use some cleaning products to take care of new mildew. However, there is a reason mold remediators wear full-body suits and masks with respirators. If it has already been a problem, the last thing you want to do is get your face up in the mold and breathe in even more toxic spores. So clearly, there is more to it.

It is important to know that these types of cleaning solutions may appear to remove surface mold on hard surfaces. Yet the worst mold is actually hiding within porous materials. These types of cleaning attempts can actually make the mold worse.

It’s important to have infected material removed. Even if this means removing drywall and studs and flooring. If not now, it will only get worse.

Then ensure your home safely passes inspection before considering moving back in, allowing your family or pets in, or renting or reselling the property.

Stopping Mold with Expert Help

waterproof your home

Stop it and prevent it by focusing on removing the moisture that leads to basement mold. Removing the potential for mold growth is just one of the many benefits of waterproofing your basement.

Begin with a professional, free inspection by local foundation experts who can identify water issues and flaws in your basement and crawl space.

Make sure there are no cracks, leaks, and drainage issues that may not only create mold but even threaten the structural integrity of your home. Pay attention to gutters, grading, and other sources of water intrusion and erosion around your home. Consider vapor barriers, dehumidifiers, and air purifiers to keep down moisture in the future.

Contact Complete Basement Systems today for a free inspection and repair quote, and learn more about how we can help you kick mold to the curb so you will have a safer and healthier home!

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