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Crack Repairs

When water starts to leak through your basement walls or floors, it can quickly lead to a very serious flood in your home.


Complete Basement Systems understands how all different types of basement leaks are caused, which is why we provide a variety of repair products and techniques to handle every source of wall and floor leaks.

To get a free estimate on basement leaking solutions and crack repair services, click below! We offer basement crack repair and basement waterproofing in Aurora, Colorado Springs, Denver and throughout Colorado.

Basement Leaking Solutions

When you have a perimeter drainage system installed in your home, your sump pump is your main line of defense against a basement flood. If you can’t count on your sump system to be powerful or reliable enough, then you can’t count on a dry basement. And what good is the space if it gets wet?

At Complete Basement Systems, we install only the best sump pump systems available anywhere in the Colorado area. We have an answer to clogging sump pumps, power failures, torrential rainfall, and much more!

Typical Leaky Basement Crack Issues

Floor Cracks

One of the more perplexing issues that homeowners face with their wet basement is the challenge of stopping water from rising up through their basement floor. Water can rise directly through the porous concrete of your floor slab, a problem that’s exacerbated when there’s a crack.

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water stains on floors and under windows
Leaky Windows

Basement windows are most often made using inexpensive steel or wood frames. As these materials age, they will begin to break down, showing signs of rust, corrosion, and decay. Along with becoming a leaking issue, these windows will also become drafty.

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Wall Cracks

Small cracks in foundation walls are common in homes throughout Colorado. Usually a side effect of the natural curing process of concrete, these cracks usually do not threaten the foundation. However, even small cracks in a foundation can be a problem if they leak groundwater into your basement or crawl space.

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Repair your leaking floor and wall cracks today!

Water can enter your home at any point where there is an opening in the foundation. This includes not only cracks in the walls and floors, but around pipes as well. Our floor crack and leaky window solutions provide lasting results that are compatible with your perimeter drainage system and will not crumble, flake off your walls, or fail due to the natural expansion and shrinking of the concrete.

Call the basement waterproofing experts at Complete Basement Systems today to get started on your crack repair with a free estimate. We offer all our services in Colorado Springs, Denver, Aurora, Fort Collins, Thornton, Arvada, Westminster, Boulder, Cheyenne, Littleton, Longmont and throughout the surrounding areas.