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French Drain Systems

If you have water leaking into your basement, a perimeter drain could be the right option for you.


Our interior basement drainage solutions will keep your home’s basement dry

At Complete Basement Systems, we offer a variety of interior drainage systems to help you keep your basement dry and clean. Our systems fit all types of foundations and floor slabs, and our experts will help you identify the best drain for your needs.

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What is a French drain?

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French drains are also known as:
  • Basement drains
  • Drain tile
  • Weeping tile
  • Footing drain
  • Perimeter drain

This might surprise you, but French drains don’t originate from France at all! In fact, the concept was designed by Henry Flagg French in Massachusetts in the mid-1800s. A French drain is not a specific item per se, but rather a name for the space between a basement wall and the concrete slab that allows water to drain outside of the home rather than pool on the floor. Unfortunately, traditional French drains clog easily and often struggle to thoroughly remove water.

Our basement drain systems take this drainage concept to the next level by using a wall flange that allows seepage to enter the drain and collects water off the walls to easily funnel it away from your foundation. Our drain systems also prevent debris from entering the drainage area and provide a clean finished appearance on your floor.

Frequently Asked Questions About Basement Waterproofing with an Interior Drain

An interior drain may be the best option for your basement. What should you know about the process of using an interior drain in your basement?

An interior drain is a process, rather than a specific product. It’s a name for the space between the floor and the walls in your basement, which allows water to run off instead of pooling on the floor of the basement. A modern-day interior drain will often utilize additional tools to make sure the drain functions properly.

Multiple interior drain systems exist, working better for different basements and different homes as a whole. The BasementGutter™ system collects the water, draining it into your sump pump to avoid having it stay on the basement surface. Another option is a grated draining pipe, which typically goes near the doorway to avoid basement flooding coming in from the door.

Although you might not think an interior drain is really necessary in your basement, the fact is that you’ll almost certainly have water leakage in your basement at some point. Basement waterproofing products are not about removing every entrance for water, but instead about dealing with the water in your basement. An interior drain is an important part of that.

Although a DIY approach may be useful for some basement fixes, it’s not especially useful for interior drains. You need an expert to make sure the interior drain works properly and has the correct installation. Request a free quote from Complete Basement Systems today to start the process.

Which French drain system works best for you?

Different problems call for different tools to fix them. In the same way that we wouldn’t use a hammer to drive in a screw, we do not use the same drain system for every basement waterproofing job we complete.

Each of our drainage systems is designed to address a different, unique challenge that you may be facing. Some of these challenges involve the way your home has been designed, while others address unusual basement water issues, such as iron ochre. We offer a wide selection of French drain systems to choose from:

BasementGutter™ Below Floor Drain

For a typical basement, our BasementGutter™ system is the ideal choice for waterproofing. This French drain is designed to be installed below the floor slab, resting on top of the foundation footing. This keeps the drainage system out of the “mud zone”, where drains can clog. BasementGutter™ is installed with minimal invasion of the slab, and all concrete is restored after the installation.

The BasementGutter™ system collects water that seeps through basement walls and drains it to your sump pump. The system installs quickly and has a clean-finished appearance, meaning you don’t have to worry about having an unsightly drain around the basement. BasementGutter™ works for both block walls and poured concrete, ensuring that your basement remains dry in all situations. This product also comes with a written lifetime warranty.

BasementGutter™ IOS Iron Ochre Perimeter Drain

 If iron bacteria is present in your water, it will create a gelatinous, rust-colored substance known as iron ochre. This unpleasant material is notorious for smelling terrible, staining everything it touches, and clogging drainage systems. Our experts tackle this rare problem with our BasementGutter™ IOS Basement Drain.

This product is a modified version of our BasementGutter™ system that includes an extra-wide drain channel and larger drainage openings. To allow for easy drain system maintenance if clogged, the drain system also includes an exposed, removable lid. This system will protect your home from the nasty appearance and smell iron ochre brings while helping prevent any water from seeping into your basement.

Grated Drain Pipe

For many homeowners, preventing flooding from an outer entryway such as a hatchway, garage door, or doorway is a priority. In this case, we use the Grated Draining Pipe to span the opening and prevent water from flowing into your basement. The grated opening of this system is designed to accept water from the floor, where it’s then redirected to your perimeter drain and your sump pump.

This system comes with a removable lid to clear any debris that may enter the drain and is compatible with all our perimeter drain systems. The device lays smoothly across the floor to eliminate tripping hazards. We also recommend installing the drain inside the door to prevent debris from flooding in as well as to prevent freezing in the winter. The Grated Draining Pipe comes with a written lifetime warranty.

Let us install the drain system you need for your home!

No matter how your house was constructed or what kinds of problems you’re facing, our waterproofing products can provide a solution that’s ideal for you! Call your local basement waterproofing experts at Complete Basement Systems today to get started with a free estimate in the Greater Denver area including Littleton,  Thornton, Fort Collins, Westminster, Arvada, Boulder, Greeley, Pueblo or nearby.