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Closeup of hands installing basement gutter

If you want to waterproof your basement and give a clean appearance without a complete finishing job, Complete Basement Systems has the solutions you need! We offer a variety of quality basement wall products that will protect your basement from water damage and improve its appearance.

If you’re interested in installing a basement wall system in your home, click below to get a free estimate. We offer all our services in Colorado Springs, Denver, Aurora and nearby Colorado.

What It Does:

LumaBright™ is a 100% waterproof rigid plastic paneling for unfinished basement walls. It’s durable, washable, and will not support the growth of mold or rot.

Installed along with our padded column wrap, it transforms your basement into a bright, beautiful space for decades to come!

As an additional benefit, LumaBright™ keeps humidity and water vapor from passing through your foundation walls and into your basement. Water seepage through the walls is directed into your drainage system.

Installation Time:

LumaBright™ installs in a basement quickly, usually in one to two days. Your basement will be ready to use immediately after installation.

How LumaBright™ Improves Your Walls

Unlike paint and other waterproofing products that adhere to the walls, LumaBright™ panels are mechanically attached to the basement wall with plastic drilled-in fasteners.

This ensures that they’ll never come off the wall, and will never flake or peel like paints and sealants will.

This is the ideal solution for homeowners who want their basement to look nice and bright, even if the installation of a complete basement finishing system is not on the horizon.

LumaBright™ also provides an excellent cover for basement walls that have been stained or are ugly. If your basement walls are covered in ugly, white powder (known as “efflorescence”), are dirty or have been stained by iron ochre, LumaBright™ is the perfect solution — permanently!

Upgrade your basement walls with LumaBright™ today

If you want basement walls that are clean, dry, and waterproof, call the basement waterproofing experts at Complete Basement Systems! We can help you find the perfect solution for all your basement wall needs. We service Cheyenne, Littleton, Arvada, Broomfield, Longmont, Westiminster, Lakewood, Thorton and many nearby areas in Colorado.

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