Installed sump pump in basement

When you have a perimeter drainage system installed in your home, your sump pump is your main line of defense against a basement flood. If you can’t count on your sump system to be powerful or reliable enough, then you can’t count on a dry basement. And what good is the space if it gets wet?

At Complete Basement Systems, we install only the best sump pump systems available anywhere in the Colorado area. We have an answer to clogging sump pumps, power failures, torrential rainfall, and much more!

We service Denver, Colorado Springs, Aurora as well as Fort Collins, Littleton, Thornton, Arvada, Westminster, Pueblo, Boulder, Greeley, Broomfield, Loveland, Longmont, Castle Rock, Commerce City, Parker, Cheyenne and nearby. We can help you dry your basement! For a free sump pump system quote, call or e-mail us today!

Our Sump Pump Systems

Our sump pump systems include the following features:

  • Alarm: Sounds off to let you know if water has risen past the point where the pumps should have turned on.
  • Sump Liner: Large enough to keep your sump pump working properly without turning on and off repeatedly, but not so large that your liner goes too deep, making your sump pump wear out prematurely as it pumps out unnecessary water.
  • Airtight Sump Lid: An airtight lid keeps odors and humidity out while protecting your sump from debris from the basement floor. Rubber grommets around all pipes and wires help maintain the airtight lid and also help to keep all PVC pipes steady and quiet.
  • Sump Pump Stands: These sump pump stands are installed to raise the pumps off of the bottom of the liner. Any silt or sediment that settles on the bottom of your sump pit will be kept away from your pump. These stands also allow for height adjustment of the pump if necessary.

We also offer our FreezeGuard™ anti-freeze device as an additional feature you can add on to your sump pump system:

  • FreezeGuard™ Discharge Line Protection: Many sump pump discharge lines are susceptible to freezing during the cold winter months. Our FreezeGuard™ discharge line protection prevents this from happening, with no need for the homeowner to do anything! This specifically designed grated adapter is located outside where the discharge line exits the house. If the pipe underground freezes in the winter, water can still be pumped out without the worry of backups into your basement!

At  Complete Basement Systems, we offer three different sump pump systems: the SafeDri™ Triple, SafeDri™ ProX, and SafeDri™ Pro.

An inside look at our SafeDri™ Triple Sump Pump System, including the airtight lid, primary pump, secondary pump, and battery backup sump pump.

SafeDri™ Triple Complete Sump Pump System

Our most reliable sump pump system, the SafeDri™ Triple Sump Pump System, provides three levels of protection for your basement and your peace of mind.

For normal functioning, the SafeDri™ Triple has a powerful, cast-iron SafeDri™ horsepower sump pump set at the lowest level. For heavy volumes of water or in case of primary pump failure, a second, more powerful SafeDri™ ½ hp pump set a bit higher in the liner will take over.

In case of a power outage, our SafeDri™ battery backup sump pump, set at the highest level, will pump 11,500 gallons or more on a fully charged battery!

SafeDri™ Triple Specifications
  • Cast-Iron SafeDri™® hp Primary Pump — Reliable and powerful, this sump pump system can discharge 2,220 gallons of water per hour at an 8-foot head from your basement.
  • A Powerful Cast-Iron SafeDri™ ½ hp Secondary Pump — If the primary sump pump fails or is overwhelmed by extremely heavy waters, the secondary pump will turn on, discharging up to 3,900 additional gallons of water per hour at an 8-foot head!
  • Long-Lasting SafeDri™ Battery Backup System — In the case of a tripped circuit, power outage, or sump failure, your SafeDri™ Triple also includes an SafeDri™ Battery Backup System. This heavy-duty battery backup can pump more than 11,500 gallons of water on a full charge. A second battery can be hooked up to a single system for an even longer running time.

Cast Iron Sump Pump

SafeDri™ ProX Premier Sump Pump System

For an effective and more economical solution, our SafeDri™ ProX Premier Pump System can help keep the basement dry.

The SafeDri™ ProX includes a powerful SafeDri™ horsepower cast-iron sump pump, capable of pumping 2,200 gallons of water per hour at an 8-foot head out of your basement.

The SafeDri™ ProX can be installed with an optional SafeDri™ Battery Backup Sump Pump, which can pump out 11,500 gallons or more on a single charge!

A SafeDri™ battery-powered pump to the SafeDri™ ProX system is added so the drainage system can operate when the power goes out. The battery backup system will recharge automatically.

SafeDri™ ProX Specifications
  • Cast-Iron SafeDri™ Primary Pump — The SafeDri™ ProX installs with either a SafeDri™ hp sump pump, or optionally, a more powerful SafeDri™ ½ hp sump pump. The third horsepower is able to pump out 2,220 gallons of water per hour at an 8-foot head, while the half horsepower pumps out 3,900 gallons per hour at an 8-foot head.
  • Optional Battery Backup Sump Pump — For protection from sump pump power outages or pump failures, we highly recommend that you install an SafeDri™ Battery Backup Sump Pump. An additional battery can be installed on a single SafeDri™ allowing for double the pumping time.

SafeDri™ Pro Crawl Space Sump Pump System

SafeDri™ Crawl Space Sump Pump

The SafeDri™ Pro system is designed specifically for keeping crawl spaces dry and clean. If you’re looking for a crawl space sump pump solution, the SafeDri™ Pro Crawl Space Sump Pump System is the ideal option. The SafeDri™ Pro is specifically designed for crawl spaces and can provide all the protection you need from leaks and floods.

The SafeDri™ Pro comes equipped with a cast-iron SafeDri™ primary pump with the option of adding a SafeDri™ Battery Backup Sump Pump. This sump pump is designed to fit with the CrawlSeal® liner and has a sump alarm to ensure you always are aware of any water in your crawl space.

SafeDri™ Pro Specifications
  • Cast-Iron SafeDri™ Primary Pump — The SafeDri™ Pro system comes with a reliable SafeDri™ 1/3 horsepower sump pump capable of pumping 2,500 gallons per hour at a 5-foot head.
  • Optional Battery Backup Sump Pump — In case of power failure or severe floods, the addition of an SafeDri™ Battery Backup Sump Pump provides further protection. This powerful pump can remove up to 11,500 gallons of water on a full charge, while a secondary battery can be installed on a single SafeDri™ to double the pumping time.

Sump Pump System Installation


Some people wonder whether sump pumps are actually necessary for their homes. After all, do you need a sump pump if you don’t live in an area prone to flooding? As a matter of fact, there are many reasons that every home should have a sump pump. 

  • Basement Waterproofing Overall

First off, it’s crucial that you pay attention to your basement waterproofing processes as a whole. Basement waterproofing is a complicated process that requires paying attention to a number of different elements of your basement. You need to make sure that you have a sump pump as part of that basement waterproofing process.

There are, of course, other elements of basement waterproofing. Whether you need to add a basement dehumidifier, an interior drain, or something else, a sump pump won’t be where your basement waterproofing stops. However, it can be a great starting point if you don’t have any basement waterproofing systems in place.

  • Interior and Unexpected Floods

You never know when you might have an interior flood in your home. Interior floods can be a huge problem because they’re essentially unavoidable. Having a pipe burst is something you can try to avoid as much as possible, but you’ll never be able to completely ensure that it never happens. This can easily lead to basement flooding.

Plus, even if you don’t live in an area that’s technically prone to flooding, there’s no telling what might happen in the future. There are all sorts of reasons that an area that’s never had flooding problems in the past is suddenly overcome by one. When you have a sump pump, you’re prepared even if something happens unexpectedly.

The concept of different sump pump systems can be confusing to someone who doesn’t know how sump pumps work. What are the different sump pump systems you might be able to get through Complete Basement Systems?

  • Basement Sump Pump Systems

For the most reliable experience, you’re going to want to opt for the SafeDri Triple Sump Pump System. You’ll typically be using the main sump pump, which can pump 2,220 gallons of water every hour out of the basement. It also has a secondary pump that can discharge an additional 3,900 gallons of water per hour and a backup battery sump pump, just in case.

If you don’t think you’ll need that much power but you still want a reliable pump solution, you may want to choose the SafeDri ProX Premier Sump Pump System. It still utilizes the main sump pump but doesn’t have a secondary pump. Plus, you can also add a rechargeable battery-powered backup that can pump up to 11,500 gallons on one charge.

  • Crawl Space Sump Pump Systems

What if you’re looking to keep your crawl space clean rather than your basement? This is when you can turn to the SafeDri Pro Crawl Space Sump Pump System. This system includes the primary sump pump and an optional battery backup sump pump. The difference is that it will fit with a CrawlSeal liner, making it the perfect option for your crawl space.

When you’re choosing a sump pump for a crawl space, you’ll also need to think about crawl space encapsulation. The CrawlSeal liner is an element of crawl space encapsulation, which is its own complicated process. If you have a crawl space, talk to an expert before you install a sump pump to learn about that entire system.

Although the sump pump itself should be something you think about when it comes to installing your sump pump system, it’s not the only part of your sump pump system. Make sure you’re thinking about these other elements of your sump pump system as well.

  • Backup Sump Pump with Alarm

A backup sump pump can be incredibly helpful for your sump pump needs. That’s because you always want to be prepared for the possibility that your power will go out while your sump pump is working. If it does, you’re going to have to deal with water constantly building up in your basement unless you have a battery-powered backup that can help.

A sump pump alarm is also an important element of your sump pump because it helps you know when something might be wrong. Most of the time, a sump pump alarm will turn on if the water in your basement or crawl space reaches above a specific level. That can alert you to the fact that the sump pump might not be pumping quickly enough for some reason.

  • Other Basement Waterproofing Products

A sump pump should not be your only basement waterproofing method. Although it can be an effective method of getting water out of the basement, you also want to make sure you’re making it as difficult as possible for water to get into the basement in the first place. That means relying on other basement waterproofing products as your line of first defense.

Basement waterproofing is complicated. As you’ve already seen, a proper basement waterproofing system should need more than just a sump pump. The important thing to remember is that every element of your basement waterproofing system needs to be of the highest quality possible if you want it to be effective.

The process of installing a sump pump in your basement is often complicated and can be confusing. That’s exactly why it’s so important to consider the different ways that you might be able to install a sump pump in your basement. 

  • DIY Option

Installing a sump pump in your basement isn’t usually something you can do yourself. It’s true that there are a variety of DIY options around your home, and for the most part, DIY options can be a great way to save some money and time. The thing is, DIY fixes aren’t perfect for every area of the home, and the basement is a good place to stay mostly hands-off.

In the case of a sump pump, you’re going to be dealing with technical and expert-level elements that make this difficult to maintain. Installing a basement sump pump requires textbook knowledge and hands-on experience. Allow an expert to do it from the beginning so you don’t have to spend extra money in the future.

  • Installation From an Expert

This is exactly why you instead need to trust an expert. An expert will help you install your sump pump properly. Plus, some locations may offer warranties on their work, which means if you ever have an issue with your basement or crawl space sump pump, you can come back to the company that installed it and ask for help.

Your best bet when it comes to basement sump pump systems is Complete Basement Systems. You can schedule a free inspection today to have a Complete Basement Systems expert come in and let you know what will work best in your basement. From start to finish, Complete Basement Systems can help you fix the problem.

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