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PolyRenewal injection for concrete repair

Concrete Floor Repair

Concrete floors respond to temperature changes and shifting soil by cracking. If your concrete floor is not repaired, you could face serious issues with your home.

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Concrete floor repair is critical when it comes to your home’s health and safety. Because of the freeze-thaw cycles experienced in the region, many homeowners in Denver and Colorado Springs have extensive cracking on their concrete floors. The property is negatively impacted by cracks, heaving, and sinking. Repairing the floor ensures that it is safe and long-lasting.   

Let’s explore why you might find yourself in this situation, and how Complete Basement Systems can help.   

concrete gapconcrete lifting to fix sinking

Why You Need Concrete Floor Repair in Denver or Colorado Springs   

Concrete floors are durable and long-lasting. On the other hand, the materials become brittle over time and may crumble or fail after several years. Many homeowners in Denver and Colorado Springs, CO, witness this, even when experts install their concrete floors.   

The good news is that if your floor is in shambles, you can hire a Complete Basement Systems professional to handle the repairs. With experience and insight on these problems, we help return your floors to their former glory and help you enjoy these advantages:    

Reduce Further Damage   

If a concrete floor is not properly fixed, any damage can worsen over time. This normally leads to much more expensive jobs. As a result, taking timely action to correct the issue extends the concrete floor’s life and decreases the risk of further damage. 

Every problem can be fixed with its own unique solution. As such, you need an expert to assess your concrete floor and see exactly what issues are plaguing it. With a custom solution, instead of a catch-all, you can save money and time while regaining your secure, stable floor. 

Maintain Functionality and Appearance 

Floors have a simple job, but when they’re falling apart, they easily become a tripping hazard and an eyesore. A floor with cracks and dents seems untidy and neglected.   

It’s important to preserve the functionality and appearance of concrete floors. Not only are you investing in the aesthetics of your home, but you are also investing in the overall structure and value of your home.   

By investing in concrete repairs, you can rejuvenate your floor’s aesthetic appeal. This can improve the real estate value of your home while also making it more pleasant to live in. Wherever the concrete is in your home, you can’t help but interact with it, so repairs benefit you in the long run. 

Prevent Injuries 

Leaving concrete floors in disrepair can expose your home’s structural integrity to further harm. More so, concrete issues may result in injuries to you and your loved ones. Slips, trips, and falls may occur as a result of cracks or curling.   

People with mobility issues are at a higher risk, where a bad fall can mean days or weeks in the hospital. Repairing the flooring in time will keep yourself, your family, and your visitors secure. 

Keep It Up to Date 

Concrete floors are long-lasting and reliable for several years. However, as the floor ages and reaches the end of its design life, floor repair becomes a more critical part of the design. 

By having your floors repaired, you can trust an expert to bring your concrete floor back up to code. They can also seal, safeguard, and reinforce it with the latest products to ensure both durability and longevity. This can even improve resale value. 

Additional Value to Your Property 

In that vein, making the necessary concrete repairs goes a long way toward appealing to prospective buyers. During showings, gaps in the surface and chips are not overlooked. Potential buyers see them as dangers they may need to fix themselves, or at least an eyesore they shouldn’t have to pay full price for. 

It is not a luxury to have a well-maintained concrete floor. It’s an opportunity that will pay off in the long run. This expenditure will increase your enjoyment of the home and lower your maintenance costs, as well as boost its value. 

Addressing Concrete Damage with PolyRenewal™ 

If you really want to make sure that your extensive concrete damage doesn’t impact your overall home health, you need to address that damage early on. Concrete damage can be extremely impactful, especially when the damage is causing your concrete floor to sink and settle. When you’re seeing issues with concrete sinking, PolyRenewal™ could be the perfect solution. 

Poly Renewal injection

What Is PolyRenewal™? 

PolyRenewal™ utilizes polyurethane foam injections to accurately raise sunken concrete in a building’s basement or on its slab floor. Essentially, an expert will drill small, penny-sized holes into the concrete around the area where it’s sinking. Then, the expert will pump a special mixture underneath the concrete, perfectly measured out to push up on the concrete exactly enough to lift it.   

Once the PolyRenewal™ has lifted the concrete enough and has settled appropriately, the expert will cover the holes in the concrete. Then, you should be able to walk over and put things on the concrete slab without worrying about future concrete sinking. 

How Does PolyRenewal™ Help with Concrete Damage? 

PolyRenewal™ uses a polyurethane foam mixture, which expands when the ingredients are mixed. That expansion is extremely powerful, especially because the hole that the expert will drill to put in the mixture is very small. It will expand to lift the concrete, allowing you to actually lift sunken concrete rather than just preventing future sinking. 

Lifting sunken concrete can also help with issues like concrete cracks, which are often caused by concrete sinking. It can also help with problems like concrete water, because PolyRenewal™ is waterproof and won’t degrade due to water around the area. All in all, if you’re experiencing concrete sinking issues, PolyRenewal™ can probably help. 

Why Is PolyRenewal™ the Best Option for Concrete Sinking Repair?  

PolyRenewal™ is unique because it actually helps with concrete damage from the ground up. Other “solutions,” including mudjacking and just completely repouring the concrete slab, don’t actually tackle the core of the problem. At the best, they can only stave off future settling for a short period of time. PolyRenewal™ actually fixes the problem itself. 

With PolyRenewal™, because the polyurethane foam actually pushes up on the concrete slab, you don’t have to worry about the problem recurring. It encompasses the entirety of the void underneath the concrete slab, so there are no more weak points underneath the slab. Additionally, it begins to cure within 15 minutes, so you can start using it quickly. 

Benefits of Concrete Floor Repair   

Concrete is extremely robust, but it does have a limited lifespan. There are a variety of environmental factors that lead to concrete deteriorating, but they all result in the same need for repairs. The benefits of restoring concrete surfaces and buildings are many, and all of them can help return your flooring to a safe, stable, and long-lasting state. 

Cracking Repair   

Cracks are, of course, the most obvious indication that your concrete floor is in need of help. Unstable soils, poor drainage, and settling are the most common causes of foundation cracks. These are signs of systemic issues, but if you’re lucky, it may be a minor issue with your soil that a professional can help you counteract. For example, soils with a high clay content may encourage a foundation to shift around two inches from season to season.   

That makes it crucial to seek professional help with your cracked concrete floor. Concrete that begins to show wide fissures may be a source of health risks if mildew and rodents take over. Even more importantly, it’s a warning sign for larger issues.   

Experts can diagnose if the cracks are active, dormant, or the result of shrinkage. Every crack is treated differently, and the materials used vary depending on the form of the crack. Once a solution is in place, more cracking is minimized, and the integrity of the floor is preserved.   

Uneven Walking Surfaces Repair   

Floor beams and joists are typically made of wood that bends or flexes rather than cracking or breaking. Concrete foundations, on the other hand, are a different story. When the base cracks due to soil problems, the floors above will naturally bend. This results in the formation of uneven walking surfaces. However, the underlying issue may be anything other than the house settling. It could be:   

  • Excess moisture damage from a leaky pipe
  • Soil movement and expansive soils   
  • Poor structural design   

To repair an uneven floor, a local professional will first address the source of the issue. Concrete floor issues are difficult, but with the help of your foundation specialists, your floor can be fixed using a piering system. For some kinds of piers, like slab piers, the piers are inserted into cored holes in the floor and stretched down to more durable soil, but other types of piers may utilize external pier reinforcement methods. They may also be used to restore the original location of a slab. PolyRenewal™, a polyurethane foam support system, may also work well for uneven walking surfaces.  

Efflorescence Repair   

Efflorescence appears as a white powdery substance on unsealed concrete surfaces and a white blush on sealed floors. Water in the concrete evaporates from the slab, leaving behind soluble salts on the concrete surface, causing primary efflorescence. Secondary efflorescence is caused by water that comes from under the slab or is introduced from the surface.   

By reducing the amount of moisture in your concrete, you’re less likely to have efflorescence. This can be done by paying special attention to landscaping and sprinklers so water can’t reach porous building materials.   

Having the job performed by Complete Basement Systems experts is another great way to get rid of efflorescence. This is especially helpful if you’ve never gone through basement waterproofing or your existing basement waterproofing is low-quality. Complete Basement Systems can install basement waterproofing measures that can reduce the water in your concrete and therefore remove efflorescence.  

Common Signs of Concrete Floor Problems 

Your concrete floor is truly the base of your property. Despite popular belief, concrete is not a static material. Vapor rises from the ground under the poured slab, and if you don’t have the right measures in place, the floor may be severely damaged. 

It’s important to look at the signs of concrete floor problems in Denver and Colorado Springs. If left unattended, every major flaw can become dangerous to your home, yourself, and your family.   

Concrete floor problems can have several causes, and knowing them can help you avoid future problems, such as: 

  • Cracking   
  • Scaling/spalling   
  • Delamination    
  • Staining   
  • Uneven floor   
  • Efflorescence 

If you’ve detected any of these issues, your concrete floor may need serious or minor repairs, depending on:    

  • Your soil type   
  • Your home’s structure   
  • How long the issue has existed   
  • Types of solutions implemented by professionals   

Concrete Floor Repair


Although it’s costly and time-consuming, floors that are heavily damaged may need to be fully replaced. In other cases, however, they can instead benefit from light repairs or mild patching.   

As you look over your budget, and the damage that you see, it’s natural to be confused. Is that crack a patch job or a full excavation? How much of your budget do you need to set aside? The good news is, you can get an idea of how severe your repair needs to be by paying attention to a few warning signs. 

  • When To Repair 

If the problems are isolated to one spot, then your concrete floors may benefit from limited repairs. A professional can repair the concrete and install basement waterproofing around the area to help limit future damage. It’s always easier and less expensive to avoid issues with a concrete floor rather than do a “patch” job, which might not last. 

Remember, any proper repair won’t actually be a limited repair process. Instead, an expert will come in and help you install a system to avoid problems in the future. Complete Basement Systems, for example, utilizes basement waterproofing tools to make sure that water doesn’t keep coming through your concrete floor. 

  • When To Replace 

Floor replacement is the best choice if your concrete floor is older or beyond minimal repair. Think about how much scaling, chipping, structural breakage, and material missing there is. If it is too much, the concrete needs to be replaced. The good news is, this will give your floor a smooth and attractive finish for many years to come. 

Aside from that, the problem with your floor often extends beyond the floor itself. If the ground under your feet has changed dramatically, it might be time to build a new floor. Otherwise, the current base will crack and crumble over time. Since floor shifting is unavoidable, you’ll need to invest in a substitute or hire a professional to install safeguards against future damage.   

Extreme temperature swings result in a quick freeze-thaw cycle. When combined with moisture, this can wreak havoc on your concrete floor. Although it is impossible to control the weather, you can take preventive measures and make sensible repairs as needed. 

  • Inspection Or Possible Replacement 

Hiring a local expert to inspect the state of your concrete floor is a smart and effective way to ensure the right solution is used. Most importantly, they will be able to check the surrounding area and make sure that the factor which led to this sinking does not continue even once a solution has been applied. Depending on their assessment, you may be looking at repairs or a full replacement.   

Replacing the concrete is much more costly and disruptive, but it could be the only option in some cases. For example, if the concrete has broken so badly that it resembles a smashed piece of glass, the only alternative is to replace it. 

  • Lifting and Stabilizing 

Foam injections may be used to raise and stabilize the floor. This fill material can be injected beneath the slabs with enough pressure to compress thin soil underneath it. It will then expand and help return your concrete floor. 

When PolyRenewal™ is applied, the lightweight material works as a waterproof, lightweight fix. It’s strong enough to support the slabs but doesn’t add unnecessary weight to the structure, which would otherwise cause it to sink again later on. As a plus, it cures at an impressive rate, so you don’t have to section out multiple days for this repair. 

Consulting with an expert is the best way to determine if repairs are needed. That’s because there is no perfect response. It depends on various factors, such as the size of the room, the seriousness of the floor damage, and the time of year. Your inspector may suggest that you do repairs: 

  • When You Start Seeing Signs of Damage 

If your concrete floor begins to display signs of splitting, moisture buildup, spalling, warping, raising, or settling, don’t wait until the problem worsens. Have local professionals apply fixes as soon as possible to avoid paying for more expensive repairs later on. 

Maintaining your floors with a yearly inspection will help you catch those little warning signs that might be overlooked with a layman’s eyes. When performing a diagnosis, a local expert will decide if the issues have been resolved and therefore have a low risk of continuing as future problems. They will also determine if the conditions that triggered the problem are likely to continue escalating. 

  • When The Concrete Floor Is Too Old 

A concrete floor will last from eight to 15 years due to its advanced bonding properties. On the other hand, it will still begin to display signs of wear in as little as five years. In this case, a professional concrete repair and maintenance plan is needed to extend the floor’s life.   

Concrete degrades over time. The key services offered by Complete Basement Systems include restoring the appearance and durability of an older concrete floor. This ensures that you don’t need to replace the full slabs but can instead make tweaks where needed to keep them functional. 

Have Your Concrete Floor Repaired by An Expert 

Concrete floors are known as effective and durable. However, time affects everything, and yours will eventually manifest small cracks, gaps, holes, and crevices. Damage to the flooring is not only a tripping hazard, but it can also detract from your property’s value. That makes it smart to nip these problems in the bud. 

If you need concrete floor repair, you will need fast and reliable results. It affects the safety of your property and your family. Complete Basement Systems has years of experience in the Denver and Colorado Springs areas. You can reach out for a free inspection and repair quote and get your concrete floor back in working order. 

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