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The sooner you repair damaged foundation walls, the better

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Innovative product development undertaken by aerospace engineers and the U.S. Dept. of Defense is now being applied to the age-old problem of cracked and bowing foundation walls. The Carbon Fiber Wall Reinforcing System utilizes the same technology developed to reinforce bridges, skyscrapers, and bomb shelters.

Signs of foundation damage are usually easy to spot. Foundation walls built from concrete block typically crack along joint lines between blocks, forming a horizontal crack near the mid point of the wall and “stair step” cracking at the corners.

Carbon Fiber basement wall repair is an advanced, cutting edge wall reinforcement system that restores bowing or cracked basement walls.

Cracks in poured concrete walls often display diagonal cracking extending from the bottom corners of the wall towards the top center. With either type of foundation, cracks can be accompanied by sections of wall that bow or tip inward.

Most Colorado homeowners understand that foundation cracks and bowing are serious problems that will worsen over time if not corrected. An experienced foundation repair contractor will be able to determine what conditions are causing this foundation damage. By accurately diagnosing the cause of the foundation problem, the contractor can determine what foundation repair strategy will permanently solve the problem.

Stronger than steel, hi-tech carbon fiber reinforcement can provide a permanent repair for cracked & bowed basement walls

Carbon fiber straps and epoxy make a low-profile repair

crew installing carbon fiber basement wall repair

The Carbon Fiber Wall Reinforcing System gives foundation repair specialists another valuable tool in their arsenal of foundation repair products —one that offers some notable advantages.

Once our foundation repair specialists know how many carbon fiber strips will be required to properly reinforce the wall, the installation process goes quickly, as shown in the photos. High-strength epoxy is used to adhere the Carbon Fiber strips to the wall and to enhance each strip’s strength. Once the repair is complete, the strips will “disappear” when the entire wall gets a coat of paint.

Stop inward wall movement. The system consists of straps and brackets that connect Carbon Fiber reinforcement strips to the building’s perimeter framing.

Solve tilting wall problems with Carbon Fiber

When soil pressure is causing the top of the foundation wall to tilt inward, extra reinforcement is required.

This is where the Carbon Fiber system can come to the rescue.

With the Carbon Fiber system, a super-strong carbon fiber strap is fused to each strip and anchored to a heavy-duty steel bracket that’s lag-screwed to the rim joist.

Locking the foundation wall to the rim joist will prevent soil pressure from pushing the top of the wall inward, away from this perimeter framing.

Because the Carbon Fiber system takes up very little space, there’s usually no need to relocate ductwork and other basement equipment.

The experts at Complete Basement Systems use Carbon Fiber strips to reinforce a repaired crack in a foundation wall.

Use Carbon Fiber wall stitches to reinforce wall crack repairs

A cracked foundation wall can be repaired using polyurethane injection, epoxy or patching mortar to fill and seal the crack.

Whichever technique is used, the repair can be reinforced using Carbon Fiber strips in a wall stitch repair.

Your Complete Basement Systems technician will epoxy a series of strips across the crack, significantly improving the overall stability of the wall.

To make a solid crack repair even stronger and more stable, you can’t beat the performance offered by Carbon Fiber wall repair.

Make sure your home is supported by a stable foundation with carbon fiber reinforcement solutions

We specialize in a variety of permanent solutions for stabilizing the foundation, repairing wall cracks, and straightening bowing basement walls. Don’t wait until the problem gets worse. Contact Complete Basement Systems to speak with our team of experts or contact us online and schedule an inspection and estimate for reinforcing your foundation.

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