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I wish to call to your attention what a marvelous experience I enjoyed with Bill Richards.  He is wonderful; courteous, friendly, thorough, informative, engaging and very responsive to questions and discussion points to clarify understanding.  As you are aware, I have quite a situation and it was remarkable that in all the meetings I have had regarding this matter, my meeting with Bill was excellent and I was treated with abnormally great respect as compared to other meetings on this topic.  Being female, I have only met males in this process.  It is often challenging as it is not expected that I am the decision-maker or that I have thoughts on the subject.  Not a problem with or for Bill,  and yes, he is the only person who did not ask where why my husband was or when he might be around to make decisions and/or call with questions.  
You must know that Bill Richards is an excellent and knowledgeable representative of your firm.  It is a joy to share what a positive experience it was to meet Bill.  Thank you.

- Mary R. of Fort Collins, CO
Tuesday, March 27th